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Härtl, Holden
Brübach, Tatjana
new [pdf]‘Well, that’s just great!’ – An empirically based analysis of non-literal and attitudinal content of ironic utterances
Durvasula, Karthik
Liter, Adam
new [pdf]There is a simplicity bias when generalizing from ambiguous data
White, Aaron Steven
Rawlins, Kyle
freshly changed [pdf]Frequency, acceptability, and selection: A case study of clause-embedding
Ahn, Dorothy
freshly changed [pdf]THAT thesis: A competition mechanism for anaphoric expressions [PhD thesis]
Newman, Elise
new [pdf]Facilitator effects in middles and more
Moltmann, Friederike
freshly changed [pdf]Levels of Ontology and Natural Language: the Case of the Ontology of Parts and Wholes
Halm, Tamas
freshly changed [pdf]Grammaticalization without Feature Economy: Evidence from the Voice Cycle in Hungarian
Coon, Jessica
Keine, Stefan
freshly changed [pdf]Feature Gluttony
Wągiel, Marcin
Caha, Pavel
freshly changed [pdf]Universal Semantic Features and the Typology of Cardinal Numerals
Coon, Jessica
Baier, Nico
Levin, Theodore
freshly changed [pdf]Mayan Agent Focus and the Ergative Extraction Constraint: Facts and Fictions Revisited
Mendes, Gesoel
Nevins, Andrew
freshly changed [pdf]Salvation and non-salvation of defectiveness under ellipsis
Josué, Akpoué
new [pdf]On (Ir)reality and (Ir)realis modality
Martin, Fabienne
freshly changed [pdf]Aspectual differences between agentive and non-agentive uses of causative predicates
Satik, Deniz
freshly changed [pdf]Turkic genitive case and agreement asymmetries
Kobayashi, Filipe
Rouillard, Vincent
freshly changed [pdf]Tying Free Choice in Questions to Distributivity
Martin, Fabienne
Carvalho, Janayna
Alexiadou, Artemis
freshly changed [pdf]Predicates of personal taste and pancake sentences in Brazilian Portuguese and French
Stuart, Luis Umali
2020-04 [pdf]TOWARDS A BIOLOGY OF LANGUAGE: a mathematical approach by way of the rule of four
Roberts, Gareth
Clark, Robin
2020-03 [pdf]Dispersion, communication, and alignment: An experimental study of the emergence of structure in combinatorial phonology
Stuart, Luis Umali
2020-03 [pdf]THE PERFECTION OF UM: a mystery of language unravelled
Deal, Amy Rose
2020-03 [pdf]Interaction, satisfaction, and the PCC
Kratzer, Angelika
Selkirk, Elisabeth
2020-03 [pdf]Deconstructing Information Structure
Xiang, Yimei
2020-03 [pdf]Quantifying into wh-dependencies: Composing multi-wh questions and questions with quantifiers
Schlenker, Philippe
Lamberton, Jonathan
2020-03 [pdf]Meaningful Blurs: the Sources of Repetition-based Plurals in ASL
Roehrs, Dorian
2020-03 [pdf]Derived Proper Names in German
Tse, Keith
2020-03 [pdf]Differential Object Marker: Nominal and Verbal Parameters
Kayne, Richard
2020-03 [pdf]A Short Note on English long and the Why of Negative Polarity
Elliott, Patrick D.
2020-03 [pdf]A flexible scope theory of intensionality
Ausensi, Josep
Yu, Jianrong
Smith, Ryan
2020-03 [pdf]Repetitive presuppositions with again: un-severing the external argument
Nakashima, Takanori
2020-03 [pdf]The Symmetry Condition on Labeling
Pearl, Lisa
2020-03 [pdf]Poverty of the Stimulus Without Tears

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