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Szabolcsi, Anna
new [pdf]Exemplification with disjunction
Overfelt, Jason
new [pdf]Nipped in the bud: Failed sprouting in QUD not-at-issue content
Fenger, Paula
freshly changed [pdf]Words within Words: The Internal Syntax of Verbs
Hammerly, Christopher
freshly changed [pdf]The pronoun which comprehenders who process it in islands derive a benefit
Denić, Milica
new [pdf]Probabilistic informativeness in implicature computation: the case of embedded disjunctions
Zhang, Niina Ning
new [pdf]External Degree Constructions in Mandarin
Svenonius, Peter
new [pdf]Dependent Nexus: Subordinate Predication Structures in English and the Scandinavian Languages
Andriani, Luigi
Casalicchio, Jan
Ciconte, Francesco Maria
D'Alessandro, Roberta
Frasson, Alberto
van Osch, Brechje
Luana, Sorgini
Terenghi, Silvia
new [pdf]Documenting Italo-Romance heritage languages in the Americas
Kouneli, Maria
new [pdf]Number-based noun classification: The view from Kipsigis
Angelopoulos, Nikos
Collins, Chris
Terzi, Arhonto
freshly changed [pdf]Passive By-Phrases in Greek and English: Adjuncts or Arguments?
Elliott, Patrick D.
new [pdf]A Plea for Equality: Commentary on "Truthmaker Semantics for Natual Language"
Höhn, Georg
new [pdf]The third person gap in adnominal pronoun constructions
Wu, Danfeng
freshly changed [pdf]Syntax of "either" in "either…or…" sentences
Schlenker, Philippe
Mascarenhas, Salvador
Chemla, Emmanuel
freshly changed [pdf]Super Semantics: a Unifying Framework for Meaning Phenomena in Nature
Arkadiev, Peter
Caponigro, Ivano
new [pdf]Conveying content questions without wh-words: evidence from Abaza
Begus, Gasper
new [pdf]Identity-Based Patterns in Deep Convolutional Networks: Generative Adversarial Phonology and Reduplication
Bondarenko, Tanya
freshly changed [pdf]Factivity from pre-existence: evidence from Barguzin Buryat
Bogomolets, Ksenia
new [pdf]Lexical Accent in Languages with Complex Morphology
Broohm, Obed Nii
new [pdf]Issues in Esahie Nominal Morphology: From Inflection to Word-formation
Baier, Nico
new [pdf]The Person Case Constraint in Kabyle
Embick, David
Creemers, Ava
Goodwin Davies, Amy
2020-09 [pdf]Morphology and the mental lexicon: Three questions about decomposition
Zhang, Linmin
2020-09 [pdf]Comparatives bring a degree-based NPI licenser
Mcginnis, Martha
Wood, Jim
2020-09 [pdf]Derivational morphology
Martins, Pedro Tiago
Boeckx, Cedric
2020-09 [pdf]Clarifications on the no half-Merge fallacy
Zhang, Linmin
2020-09 [pdf]Degrees as kinds vs. degrees as numbers: Evidence from equatives
Wood, Jim
Sigurðsson, Einar
2020-09 [pdf]On the Interaction of Reflexives and Periphrastic Causatives in Icelandic
Deal, Amy Rose
2020-09 [pdf]Person features and shiftiness
Erschler, David
2020-09 [pdf]On timing of ellipsis: Evidence from extra deletion processes
Murphy, Elliot
2020-09 [pdf]Commentary: A Compositional Neural Architecture for Language
Dolatian, Hossep
2020-09 [pdf]Computational locality of cyclic phonology in Armenian

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