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Ausensi, Josep
freshly changed [pdf]Agent entailments induce manner properties
Kuhn, Jeremy
new [pdf]Logical meaning in space: Iconic biases on quantification in sign languages
Li, Haoze
freshly changed [pdf]Deriving short answers from dynamicized Hamblin sets: Arguments from Mandarin WH-conditionals
Kawahara, Shigeto
freshly changed [pdf]Sound symbolism and theoretical phonology
Davis, Colin
freshly changed [pdf]Case-driven plural suppletion in Barguzin Buryat: *ABA versus case containment
Akinbo, Samuel
new [pdf]Representation of Yorùbá Tones by a Talking Drum: An Acoustic Analysis
Szabolcsi, Anna
freshly changed [pdf]Unconditionals and free choice unified
Cheshire, Gerard
new [pdf]Plant Series, No. 4. Manuscript MS408.
Forsythe, Hannah
Greeson, Dan
Cristina Schmitt, Cristina
new [pdf]After the Null Subject Parameter: Acquisition of the Null-Overt Contrast in Spanish
Ausensi, Josep
new [pdf]Rethinking (in)direct causation: two classes of lexical causative verbs
Forsythe, Hannah
Cristina Schmitt, Cristina
new [pdf]Considering the whole paradigm: Preschoolers’ comprehension of agreement is not uniformly late
Esipova, Maria
freshly changed [pdf]Composition and projection of co-speech gestures
Poole, Ethan
2019-11 [pdf](Im)possible traces
Wągiel, Marcin
Caha, Pavel
2019-11 [pdf]Universal Semantic Features and the Typology of Cardinal Numerals
Storme, Benjamin
2019-11 [pdf]Gradient behavior without gradient underlying representations: the case of French liaison
Davis, Colin
2019-11 [pdf]Crossing and Stranding at Edges
Caha, Pavel
2019-11 [pdf]Case competition in Nanosyntax. A study of numeral phrases in Ossetic and Russian.
Foley, Steven
Toosarvandani, Maziar
2019-11 [pdf]Agreement, locality, and the syntax of pronouns: The Person–Case Constraint and beyond
Križ, Manuel
Spector, Benjamin
2019-11 [pdf]Interpreting Plural Predication: Homogeneity and Non-Maximality
van gelderen, elly
2019-11 [pdf]Cyclical Change and Problems of Projection
Jouitteau, Melanie
2019-11 [pdf]The nativeness of Breton speakers and their invisibilisation
Ranero, Rodrigo
2019-11 [pdf]Voice Mismatches in Kaqchikel (Mayan) Sluicing
Kobayashi, Filipe
Rouillard, Vincent
2019-11 [pdf]Tying Free Choice in Questions to Distributivity
Koabayashi, Filipe Hisao
Chen, Sherry Yong
2019-11 [pdf]Ways of Decomposing Events: Structural Differences between Adnominal and Adverbial Distributive Numerals
Cheshire, Gerard
2019-11 [pdf]Plant Series, No. 3. Manuscript MS408.
Haspelmath, Martin
2019-11 [pdf]Role-reference associations and the explanation of argument coding splits
De Santo, Aniello
Drury, John
2019-11 [pdf]Encoding and Verification Effects of Generalized Quantifiers on Working Memory
Erlewine, Michael
Levin, Theodore
van Urk, Coppe
2019-10 [pdf]The typology of nominal licensing in Austronesian voice system languages
Staroverov, Peter
2019-10 [pdf]Buriat dorsal epenthesis is not reproduced with novel morphemes
Shiraïshi, Aoi
Abeillé, Anne
Hemforth, Barbara
Miller, H.
2019-10 [pdf]Verbal mismatch in Right-Node Raising

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