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Iacoponi, Luca
freshly changed [pdf]Phonological Agreement By Headed Feature Correspondence
Enguehard, Émile
Chemla, Emmanuel
freshly changed [pdf]Connectedness as a constraint on exhaustification
Reiss, Charles
Simpson, Marc
new [pdf]Reduplication as Projection
Kodner, Jordan
new [pdf]Estimating child linguistic experience from historical corpora
Postal, Paul
new [pdf]Books
An, Hannah
White, Aaron Steven
new [pdf]The lexical and grammatical sources of neg-raising inferences
Mckenzie, Andrew
Newkirk, Lydia
new [pdf]Almost at-a-distance
Postal, Paul
new [pdf]Chomsky's One Language/Extraterrestrial Scientist Claims
Kastner, Itamar
new [pdf]The Valence of Voice: Hebrew morphosyntax at the interfaces
Glass, Lelia
freshly changed [pdf]Distributivity: Debates, advances, questions [ESSLLI course notes]
Postal, Paul
new [pdf]Books
Margaliot, Sasson
new [pdf]What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?
Ganenkov, Dmitry
new [pdf]Missing Elsewhere: Domain Extension in Contextual Allomorphy
Rudnev, Pavel
new [pdf]Agreeing adpositions in Avar and the directionality of valuation debate
Simik, Radek
Demian, Christoph
freshly changed [pdf]Definiteness, uniqueness, and maximality in languages with and without articles
Korsah, Sampson
Murphy, Andrew
freshly changed [pdf]Tonal reflexes of movement in Asante Twi
Sugar, Alexander
new [pdf]Negation for Every Verb in Uyghur
Gibson, Edward
Futrell, Richard
Piantadosi, Steven
Dautriche, Isabelle
Mahowald, Kyle
Bergen, Leon
Levy, Roger
new [pdf]How Efficiency Shapes Human Language
Moltmann, Friederike
freshly changed [pdf]Situations, Alternatives and the Semantics of 'Cases'
Tonhauser, Judith
Matthewson, Lisa
freshly changed [pdf]Empirical evidence in research on meaning
Shih, Stephanie
Ackerman, Jordan
Hermalin, Noah
Inkelas, Sharon
Jang, Hayeun
Johnson, Jessica
Kavitskaya, Darya
Kawahara, Shigeto
Oh, Miran
Starr, Rebecca
Yu, Alan
2019-08 [pdf]Cross-linguistic and language-specific sound symbolism: Pokémonastics
Brambatti Guzzo, Natália
Duarte Garcia, Guilherme
2019-08 [pdf]Phonological Variation and Prosodic Representation: Clitics in Portuguese-Veneto Contact
Kim, Najoung
Rawlins, Kyle
Smolensky, Paul
2019-08 [pdf]The complement-adjunct distinction as gradient blends: the case of English prepositional phrases
Baranzini, Laura
Mari, Alda
2019-08 [pdf]From epistemic modality to concessivity: alternatives and pragmatic reasoning per absurdum
Martin, Fabienne
2019-08 [pdf]Aspectual differences between agentive and non-agentive uses of causative predicates
Shimamura, Koji
2019-08 [pdf]The Hidden Syntax of the Clausal Complementation in Japanese (Slides)
Heinz, Jeffrey
Rawski, Jonathan
2019-08 [pdf]History of Phonology: Learnability
Blanchette, Frances
Lukyanenko, Cynthia
2019-08 [pdf]Asymmetries in the Acceptability and Felicity of English Negative Dependencies: Where Negative Concord and Negative Polarity (Do Not) Overlap
Duarte Garcia, Guilherme
2019-08 [pdf]When lexical statistics and the grammar conflict: learning and repairing weight effects on stress
Lionnet, Florian
2019-08 [pdf]Coarticulation affects faithfulness: Evidence from subphonemically conditioned featural affixation in Laal

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