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Simik, Radek
Demian, Christoph
freshly changed [pdf]Definiteness, uniqueness, and maximality in languages with and without articles
De Belder, Marijke
new [pdf]A split approach to the selection of allomorphs: Vowel length alternating allomorphy in Dutch
Kawahara, Shigeto
freshly changed [pdf]Sound symbolism and theoretical phonology
Moltmann, Friederike
freshly changed [pdf]Outline of an Object-Based Truthmaker Semantics for Modals and Attitude Reports
Kratzer, Angelika
Selkirk, Elisabeth
freshly changed [pdf]Deconstructing Information Structure
Al-Bataineh, Hussein
new [pdf]Exclamatives are nonsententials: Evidence from Arabic and other languages
Al-Bataineh, Hussein
new [pdf]The Morphosyntax of Arabic Exceptives: A minimalist approach
Branigan, Phil
new [pdf]The syntax of (complex) numerals in Arabic
Erlewine, Michael
Levin, Theodore
van Urk, Coppe
freshly changed [pdf]The typology of nominal licensing in Austronesian voice system languages
Al-Bataineh, Hussein
new [pdf]The Nominality of Tłı̨chǫ Classificatory Verb Stems and the Simplicity of Dene Verbal Morphology
Al-Bataineh, Hussein
new [pdf]Stem Alternation in Tłı̨chǫ Yatıì Classificatory Verbs: A Cognitive Semantic Account
Zhou, Z.L.
new [pdf]Phonetic evidence for a feed-forward model
Stanton, Juliet
new [pdf]Aggressive reduplication and dissimilation in Sundanese
Suarez-Palma, Imanol
new [pdf]Applied arguments in Spanish inchoative middle constructions
Keine, Stefan
Mueller, Gereon
new [pdf]Impoverishment
Lindemann, Luke
new [pdf]A Jewel Inlaid: Ergativity and Markedness in Nepali
Collins, James N.
new [pdf]Mapping meanings to argument structure: The semantics of Samoan case
Lindemann, Luke
new [pdf]Nepali Le as a Marker of Categorical Subjecthood
Lindemann, Luke
new [pdf]When Wurst Comes to Wurscht: Variation and Koiné Formation in Texas German
Tyler, Matthew
freshly changed [pdf]Two kinds of external possession in Mississippi Choctaw
Neeleman, Ad
Tanaka, Misako
new [pdf]On the relation between adjunction and type A coordination
Deal, Amy Rose
new [pdf]Remarks on Shift Together
Coon, Jessica
Keine, Stefan
freshly changed [pdf]Feature Gluttony
Schneider-Zioga, Patricia
new [pdf]On the Syntax of Pronominal Clitics: A view from Greek (pre-publication copy)
Bezrukov, Nikita
Dolatian, Hossep
new [pdf]Mobile Affixes Across Western Armenian Conflicts Across Modules
Ausensi, Josep
freshly changed [pdf]On (im)possible verb meanings: the role of intentionality
Ronai, Eszter
Stigliano, Laura
freshly changed [pdf]Adjectival sluices in Hungarian: An argument for isomorphic sources
Sigurðsson, Einar
Wood, Jim
new [pdf]On the implicit argument of Icelandic indirect causatives
Broekhuis, Hans
Bayer, Josef
freshly changed [pdf]Sluicing and gapping: ellipsis or selective spell-out?
Hiraiwa, Ken
freshly changed [pdf]The Origin and Architecture of Existential Indeterminates in Okinawan

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