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Mondal, Prakash
new [pdf]A Precis of 'Language, Biology, and Cognition: A Critical Perspective' (2020)
Yuan, Michelle
new [pdf]Case as an Anaphor Agreement Effect: Evidence from Inuktitut
Poole, Ethan
freshly changed [pdf]Improper case
Angelopoulos, Nikos
Collins, Chris
Terzi, Arhonto
freshly changed [pdf]Passive By-Phrases in Greek and English: Adjuncts or Arguments?
Altshuler, Daniel
Maier, Emar
new [pdf]Coping with imaginative resistance
Bates, Alandi
Pearl, Lisa
freshly changed [pdf]When socioeconomic status differences don’t affect input quality: Learning complex syntactic knowledge
Stojkovic, Jelena
new [pdf]The Fleeting DP in Bulgarian and Macedonian: The View From Left-Branch Extraction
Gyarmathy, Zsofia
Altshuler, Daniel
freshly changed [pdf](Non)culmination by abduction
Šereikaitė, Milena
new [pdf]Voice and Case Phenomena in Lithuanian Morphosyntax (Dissertation)
Davis, Colin
new [pdf]The nature of overlapping A-bar chains as revealed by parasitic gaps
Leduc, Marjorie
Reiss, Charles
Volenec, Veno
new [pdf]Votic vowel harmony in Substance Free Logical Phonology
Srinivas, Sadhwi
Legendre, Geraldine
new [pdf]On clausal complementation in Kannada light verbs
Yang, Charles
new [pdf]Saussurean Rhapsody: Systematicity and Arbitrariness in Language
Vostrikova, Ekaterina
freshly changed [pdf]Conditional Analysis of Clausal Exceptives
Xiang, Yimei
freshly changed [pdf]Relativized Exhaustivity: Mention-Some and Uniqueness
Haider, Hubert
freshly changed [pdf]A null theory of scrambling
Marušič, Franc
Zaucer, Rok
new [pdf]Investigation of Slovenian copular agreement
Gasser, Emily
Bowern, Claire
new [pdf]Revisiting phonological generalizations in Australian languages
Satik, Deniz
Bryant, Shannon
new [pdf]Untangling Balinese Binding without Agreement
Kush, Dave
Dahl, Anne
new [pdf]L2 Transfer of L1 Island-Insensitivity: The case of Norwegian
Bowern, Claire
2015 [pdf]Diachrony (in morphology)
Do, Youngah
Lai, Ryan Ka Yau
2020-07 [pdf]Measuring phonological distances in a tonal language: an experimental and computational investigation with Cantonese
Schlenker, Philippe
2020-07 [pdf]Musical Meaning within Super Semantics
Zhang, Linmin
Ling, Jia
2020-07 [pdf]The semantics of comparatives: A difference-based approach
Lahrouchi, Mohamed
2020-07 [pdf]Not as you R: Adapting the French rhotic into Berber
Haspelmath, Martin
2020-07 [pdf]Bound forms, welded forms, and affixes: Basic concepts for morphological comparison
Von Fintel, Kai
Pasternak, Robert
2020-07 [pdf]Attitudes, aboutness, and fake restricted readings
Ausensi, Josep
2020-07 [pdf]Resultatives and the architecture of event structure
Halm, Tamas
2020-07 [pdf]Radically Truncated Clauses in Hungarian and Beyond: Evidence for the Fine Structure of the Minimal VP
Alderete, John
2020-07 [pdf]Speech errors and phonological patterns: Insights from psycholinguistic and linguistic theory

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6. Chomsky et al. - Generative Grammar and the Faculty of Language: Insights, Questions, and Challenges
7. Wood et al. - Mapbook of Syntactic Variation in American English: Survey Results, 2015–2019
7. Wurmbrand/Lohninger - An implicational universal in complementation: Theoretical insights and empirical progress
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