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Ausensi, Josep
freshly changed [pdf]Rethinking (in)direct causation: two classes of lexical causative verbs
Ausensi, Josep
freshly changed [pdf]Agent entailments in the semantics of roots
Clemens, Lauren
Bickmore, Lee
freshly changed [pdf]The role of attachment height in explaining prosodic phrasing in Rutooro
Francis, Norbert
new [pdf]Review of Edge of the Island, by Chen Li
Schlenker, Philippe
freshly changed [pdf]The Semantics and Pragmatics of Appositives [Handbook Article]
Broohm, Obed Nii
new [pdf]Lexical and Clausal nominalization in Esahie: A descriptive account
Storme, Benjamin
freshly changed [pdf]Gradient behavior without gradient underlying representations: the case of French liaison
Ackema, Peter
Neeleman, Ad
new [pdf]Unifying Nominal and Verbal Syntax: Agreement and Feature Realisation
Roberts, Gareth
Sneller, Betsy
new [pdf]Empirical foundations for an integrated study of language evolution
Maldonado, Mora
Culbertson, Jennifer
new [pdf]Person of interest: Experimental investigations into the learnability of person systems
Fong, Suzana
new [pdf]Feature licensing and the number interpretation of bare nominals in Wolof
Erlewine, Michael
Lim, Cheryl
freshly changed [pdf]Bikol clefts and topics and the Austronesian subject-only extraction restriction
Pearl, Lisa
freshly changed [pdf]How statistical learning can play well with Universal Grammar
Jasinskaja, Katja
Simik, Radek
new [pdf]Slavonic free word order
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
freshly changed [pdf]Subject Float, Low Subject Trapping, and Case in Icelandic
Clemens, Lauren
new [pdf]The use of prosody as a diagnostic for syntactic structure: The case of verb-initial order
Xiang, Yimei
freshly changed [pdf]Two types of higher-order readings of wh-questions
Grosz, Patrick Georg
new [pdf]Pronominal Typology and Reference to the External World
Preminger, Omer
freshly changed [pdf]The Anaphor Agreement Effect: further evidence against binding-as-agreement
Cheshire., Gerard
new [pdf]Plant Series, No. 5. Manuscript MS408.
Satık, Deniz
freshly changed [pdf]Control is not movement: evidence from overt PRO in Ewe
Arregi, Karlos
Pietraszko, Asia
freshly changed [pdf]The ups and downs of head displacement
Mocnik, Masa
Abramovitz, Rafael
freshly changed [pdf]A Variable-Force Variable-Flavor Attitude Verb in Koryak
Bondarenko, Tanya
Davis, Colin
new [pdf]Linearization asymmetries in Russian sub-extraction
Halm, Tamas
freshly changed [pdf]The Semantics of Weak Imperatives Revisited: Evidence from Free-Choice Item Licensing.
Grove, Julian
new [pdf]Satisfaction without provisos
Esipova, Maria
2019-12 [pdf]Towards a uniform super-linguistic theory of projection
Villa-García, Julio
González-Rodríguez, Raquel
2019-12 [pdf]On emphatic affirmative polarity markers and predicates of truth: 'sí' (yes) and 'sí que' (yes that) in Spanish
Pearl, Lisa
2019-12 [pdf]Theory and predictions for the development of basic morphology and syntax: A Universal Grammar + statistics approach
Broekhuis, Hans
Bayer, Josef
2019-12 [pdf]Sluicing and gapping: ellipsis or selective spell-out?

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