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Belk, Zoë
Kahn, Lily
Szendroi, Kriszta
new [pdf]The Loshn Koydesh Component in Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish
Kim, Gene
White, Aaron Steven
freshly changed [pdf]Montague Grammar Induction
Smith, RyanWalter
freshly changed [pdf]Similative Plurality and the Nature of Alternatives
Höhn, Georg
new [pdf]Quantifiers and person presuppositions in Greek and Bulgarian
Forbes, Clarissa
freshly changed [pdf]Feature sets in Gitksan split-absolutive agreement
Broohm, Obed Nii
new [pdf]Mind your tones! The role of tonal morphology in Kwa action nominalization
Haider, Hubert
freshly changed [pdf]The VO-OV split of Germanic languages – a T3 & V2 production
Ozarkar, Renuka
new [pdf]A special case of long distance agreement in Marathi
Iosad, Pavel
Lamb, William
new [pdf] Dialect variation in Scottish Gaelic nominal morphology: A quantitative study
Gantt, William
Kane, Benjamin
White, Aaron Steven
new [pdf]Natural Language Inference with Mixed Effects
Spathas, Giorgos
Michelioudakis, Dimitris
freshly changed [pdf]States in the decomposition of verbal predicates: evidence from additive operators
Denić, Milica
Steinert-Threlkeld, Shane
Szymanik, Jakub
new [pdf]Complexity/informativeness trade-off in the domain of indefinite pronouns
Hiraiwa, Ken
Nakanishi, Kimiko
freshly changed [pdf]Free Choice and Existential Indeterminates as Hidden Clauses
Slade, Benjamin
new [pdf]Verb Concatenation in Asian Linguistics
Medeiros, David
new [pdf]Hawaiian VP-remnant Movement: A Cyclic Linearization Approach
Weir, Andrew
freshly changed [pdf]Away you to bed: Postverbal imperative subjects from Scotland to Belfast
Elliott, Patrick D.
freshly changed [pdf]A flexible scope theory of intensionality
Pascual, Esther
Barbara, Marqueta
freshly changed [pdf]Dataset of Spanish Verb+Noun Compounds and Related Constructions
Kayne, Richard
new [pdf]Antisymmetry and Externalization (conference talk handout)
Sohna, Zola
freshly changed [pdf]The Fulfulde/Pulaar Provenance of Jaav (“Jive”)
Sportiche, Dominique
freshly changed [pdf]Constraints on Reflexivizations
Tse, Keith
freshly changed [pdf]Historical-Comparative Variation in Romance Differential Object Marking
Tieu, Lyn
Shen, Zheng
new [pdf]Climbing the highest mountain: Children's knowledge of absolute and relative readings of superlatives
Hammerly, Christopher
freshly changed [pdf]Person-based Prominence in Ojibwe
Mukherji, Nirmalangshu
freshly changed [pdf]On Sound-Meaning Correlation
Szabó, Ildikó Emese
2020-10 [pdf]Representational limitations and consequences of phonetic accommodation: English and Hungarian speakers' imitation of word-initial voiced and voiceless stops
Brown, J.M.M.
Fanselow, Gisbert
Kliegl, Reinhold
2020-10 [pdf]Middle ratings rise regardless of grammatical construction: testing syntactic variability in a new repeated exposure paradigm
Ausensi, Josep
2020-10 [pdf]Resultatives and the architecture of event structure
Haider, Hubert
2020-10 [pdf]Grammar change – A case of Darwinian cognitive evolution
Leivada, Evelina
2020-10 [pdf]Misused Terms in Linguistics

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