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Yatabe, Shuichi
Tam, Wai Lok
freshly changed [pdf]In defense of an HPSG-based theory of non-constituent coordination: A reply to Kubota and Levine
Martin, Fabienne
freshly changed [pdf]Aspectual differences between agentive and non-agentive uses of causative predicates
Davis, Colin
freshly changed [pdf]Crossing and Stranding at Edges
Berghoff, Robyn
Nouwen, Rick
Bylinina, Lisa
McNabb, Yaron
freshly changed [pdf]Degree modification across categories in Afrikaans
Pasternak, Robert
new [pdf]Composing copies without trace conversion
Villa-García, Julio
freshly changed [pdf]Clitic climbing (or lack thereof) and the Copy Theory of Movement
D'Alessandro, Roberta
freshly changed [pdf]The achievements of Generative Syntax: a time chart
Villa-García, Julio
González-Rodríguez, Raquel
freshly changed [pdf]On emphatic affirmative polarity markers and predicates of truth: 'sí' (yes) and 'sí que' (yes that) in Spanish
Bi, Ruyue Agnes
Jenks, Peter
freshly changed [pdf]Pronouns, null arguments, and ellipsis in Mandarin Chinese
Bergsma, Fenna
freshly changed [pdf]Mismatches in free relatives - grafting nanosyntactic trees
Kim, Kyumin
new [pdf]Oblique nominals, a verbal affix, and late merge
Coon, Jessica
Keine, Stefan
freshly changed [pdf]Feature Gluttony
Hsu, Brian
freshly changed [pdf]Coalescence: a unification of bundling operations in syntax
Hsu, Brian
Syed, Saurov
new [pdf]Co-occurrence of non-article determiners: a window on articulation and bundling in DP structure
Shih, Stephanie
Rudin, Deniz
new [pdf]On sound symbolism in baseball player names
Royer, Justin
freshly changed [pdf]Noun classifiers and the composition of DP in Chuj: The core of unique definites, anaphoric definites, and specific indefinites
Bates, Alandi
Pearl, Lisa
new [pdf]When socioeconomic status differences don’t affect input quality: Learning complex syntactic knowledge
Mohammadi, Ariana
new [pdf]Corpus of Conversational Persian: Introduction
Pearl, Lisa
Sprouse, Jon
freshly changed [pdf]The acquisition of linking theories: A Tolerance Principle approach to learning UTAH and rUTAH
Merrill, William
freshly changed [pdf]Sense abstraction: a unified framework of intensionality, predicate abstraction, and alternative semantics
Myers, James
new [pdf]Précis of The grammar of Chinese characters
Satık, Deniz
new [pdf]Control is not movement: evidence from overt PRO in Ewe
Carstens, Vicki
freshly changed [pdf]Noun class, gender, and the workings of Agree: evidence from agreement with conjoined subjects in Xhosa
Crnic, Luka
2019-07 [pdf]Any: Logic, Likelihood, and Context
Ershova, Ksenia
2019-07 [pdf]Diagnosing clause structure in a polysynthetic language: Wh-agreement and parasitic gaps in West Circassian
Slade, Benjamin
2019-07 [pdf]Quantifier particle environments
Saab, Andrés
Rodrigues , Cilene
2019-07 [pdf] The limits of pseudosluicing (Remarks for Luis Vicente)
Bağrıaçık, Metin
Breitbarth, Anne
De Clercq, Karen
2019-07 [pdf]Mapping Linguistic Data: Essays in honour of Liliane Haegeman
Chemla, Emmanuel
Dautriche, Isabelle
Buccola, Brian
Fagot, Joel
2019-07 [pdf]Constraints on the lexicons of human languages have cognitive roots present in baboons (Papio papio)
Bárány, András
Nikolaeva, Irina
2019-07 [pdf]Possessors in switch-reference

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