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Yuan, Michelle
freshly changed [pdf]Dependent case and clitic dissimilation in Yimas
Cheshire, Gerard
new [pdf]The Algorithmic Method for Translating MS408 (Voynich).
Moltmann, Friederike
new [pdf]Situations, Alternatives and the Semantics of 'Cases'
Caha, Pavel
new [pdf]Syncretism in Morphology
Charlow, Simon
freshly changed [pdf]Static and dynamic exceptional scope
Bassi, Itai
freshly changed [pdf]Fake Indexicals in Relative Clauses and their sensitivity to focus
Roehrs, Dorian
new [pdf]Prenominal Possessives in Yiddish: mayn bruder vs. mayner a bruder
Norris, Mark
freshly changed [pdf]Non-autonomous accusative case in Estonian
Enguehard, Émile
Spector, Benjamin
freshly changed [pdf]Explaining gaps in the logical lexicon of natural languages - A decision-theoretic perspective on the square of Aristotle
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
freshly changed [pdf]Locative-Directional Alternations
Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Consonants & Vowels, Castles & Volcanoes.
Pearl, Lisa
new [pdf]Poverty of the Stimulus Without Tears
Blok, Dominique
new [pdf]Scope Oddity : On the semantic and pragmatic interactions of modified numerals, negative indefinites, focus operators, and modals
Aravind, Athulya
freshly changed [pdf]Successive cyclicity in DPs: Evidence from Mongolian nominalized clauses
Nouwen, Rick
new [pdf]E-type pronouns: congressmen, sheep and paychecks
Hao, Sophie
Andersson, Samuel
2019-06 [pdf]Unbounded Stress in Subregular Phonology
Homer, Vincent
2019-06 [pdf]Actualistic Interpretations in French
Murphy, Elliot
2019-06 [pdf]Implications of Travelling Weakly Coupled Oscillators for the Cortical Language Circuit
Murphy, Elliot
Shim, Jae-Young
2019-06 [pdf]Copy Invisibility, (Non-)Categorial Labeling and Feature Embedding
Tanner, James
Sonderegger, Morgan
Stuart-Smith, Jane
Data Consortium, SPADE
2019-06 [pdf]Vowel duration and the voicing effect across English dialects
De Clercq, Karen
2019-06 [pdf]Negation in Morphology
Erschler, David
2019-06 [pdf]A new argument for existence of the DP in languages without articles
Murphy, Elliot
2019-06 [pdf]No Country for Oldowan Men: Self-Domestication and Cranial Globularity as Factors in Language Evolution
Akkus, Faruk
2019-06 [pdf]Variable embedded agent in Sason Arabic
Landau, Idan
2019-06 [pdf]Constraining Head-Stranding Ellipsis
Homer, Vincent
2019-06 [pdf]Negative Polarity
Landau, Idan
2019-06 [pdf]On the Non-existence of Verb-stranding VP-ellipsis
LaCara, Nicholas
2019-06 [pdf]C-command and Local Dislocation in the Danish DP: A reply to Hankamer and Mikkelsen
Ulfsbjorninn, Shanti
2019-06 [pdf]Floating Melody and Empty Structure in Rotuman
Tyler, Matthew
2019-06 [pdf]Two kinds of external possession in Mississippi Choctaw

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5. Pearl - Poverty of the Stimulus Without Tears
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