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Blanchette, Frances
Flannery, Erin
Reed, Paul
Jackson, Carrie
freshly changed [pdf]Adaptation at the Syntax-Semantics Interface: Evidence from a Vernacular Construction
Boskovic, Zeljko
new [pdf]On Unifying the Coordinate Structure Constraint and the Adjunct Condition
Caha, Pavel
freshly changed [pdf]The marking of mass, count and plural denotations in multi-dimensional paradigms
von Fintel, Kai
freshly changed [pdf]How weak is your "want"?
Toquero-Pérez, Luis Miguel
freshly changed [pdf]That-trace effects are yet to be explained away: challenges for prosody-based accounts
Jeffrey, Lamontagne
Goad, Heather
freshly changed [pdf]Weight sensitivity and prominence in Laurentian French
Boskovic, Zeljko
freshly changed [pdf]On The Coordinate Structure Constraint, Across-the-Board-Movement, Phases, and Labeling
Boskovic, Zeljko
new [pdf]The Comp-Trace Effect and Contextuality of the EPP
Dingemanse, M
new [pdf]Interjections
Boskovic, Zeljko
freshly changed [pdf]On clitic doubling and argument ellipsis: Argument ellipsis as predicate ellipsis
Begus, Gasper
freshly changed [pdf]Identity-Based Patterns in Deep Convolutional Networks: Generative Adversarial Phonology and Reduplication
von Fintel, Kai
new [pdf]On the monotonicity of desire ascriptions
Lang, Feng
new [pdf]An imagery-based theory Chinese character information configuration
Bleotu, Adina Camelia
Bloem, Jelke
new [pdf]What’s the Meaning of a Nominal Root? Insights from Experiments into Denominals and Similarity.
Simik, Radek
Sláma, Jakub
new [pdf]Czech evidential relatives introduced by jak 'how'
Cheshire, Gerard
new [pdf]Dando voz al Voynich
Cheshire, Gerard
new [pdf]Voicing the Voynich
Esipova, Maria
freshly changed [pdf]Composure and composition
Mirrazi, Zahra
2021-07 [pdf]Licensing by Modification: Existential Readings of Bare Plurals in Farsi
Moltmann, Friederike
2021-07 [pdf]Truthmaker-Based Content: Syntactic, Semantic, and Ontological Contexts
Privizentseva, Mariia
2021-07 [pdf]Mixed agreement in Russian: Gender, declension, and morphological ineffability
Storme, Benjamin
2021-07 [pdf]Implicational generalizations in morphological syncretism: the role of communicative biases
Belk, Zoë
Kahn, Lily
Szendroi, Kriszta
Yampolskaya, Sonya
2021-07 [pdf]Translating Covid-19 information into Yiddish for the UK Hasidic community
Manova, Stela
2021-07 [pdf]The linear order of elements in prominent linguistic sequences: Deriving Tns-Asp-Mood orders and Greenberg’s Universal 20 with n-grams
Paul, Waltraud
2021-07 [pdf]SVCs in disguise: the so-called “directional verb compounds” in Mandarin Chinese
Enguehard, Émile
2021-07 [pdf]Explaining presupposition projection in (coordinations of) polar questions
Yatabe, Shuichi
2021-07 [pdf]A representationalist theory of the semantics of DIFFERENT, THE SAME, and EACH OTHER
Wood, Jim
Sigurðsson, Einar
2021-07 [pdf]On the Interaction of Reflexives and Periphrastic Causatives in Icelandic
Overfelt, Jason
2021-07 [pdf]The eliminative effect of ellipsis on the distribution of temporal adverbs
Sigurðsson, Einar
Wood, Jim
2021-07 [pdf]Icelandic Case Syncretism and the Syntax-Morphology Interface

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