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Yuan, Michelle
freshly changed [pdf]Case as an Anaphor Agreement Effect: Evidence from Inuktitut
Hiraiwa, Ken
freshly changed [pdf]Sluicing Cannot Apply In-Situ in Japanese
Borise, Lena
É. Kiss, Katalin
freshly changed [pdf]The emergence of conjunctions and phrasal coordination in Khanty
Erbach, Kurt
Schoenfeld, Aviv
new [pdf]Object mass nouns and subkind countability
Zhang, Cong
Jepson, Kathleen
Lohfink, Georg
Arvaniti, Amalia
new [pdf]Comparing acoustic analyses of speech data collected remotely
Papillon, Maxime
new [pdf]Infixes as infixes: A response to Laura Kalin
Branan, Kenyon
Erlewine, Michael
new [pdf]Locality and (minimal) search
Mahowald, Kyle
Jurafsky, Dan
Norris, Mark
new [pdf]Concord begets concord: A Bayesian model of nominal concord typology
Begus, Gasper
freshly changed [pdf]Bootstrapping Sound Changes
Greenberg, Gabriel
new [pdf]The Iconic-Symbolic Spectrum
Moltmann, Friederike
freshly changed [pdf]Truthmaking, Satisfaction and the Force-Content Distinction
Haider, Hubert
freshly changed [pdf]Towards a structure-based typology
Hsu, Brian
new [pdf]Harmonic Grammar in phrasal movement: an account of probe competition and blocking
Satik, Deniz
Bryant, Shannon
freshly changed [pdf]Untangling Balinese Binding without Agreement
Paul, Waltraud
new [pdf]De-constructing small clauses: The case of Mandarin Chinese
Saab, Andrés
freshly changed [pdf]Ellipsis: its way from syntax to morphology
Bloem, Jelke
Versloot, Arjen
Weerman, Fred
freshly changed [pdf]Learned borrowing or contact-induced change: Verb cluster word order in Early-Modern Frisian
Tallman, Adam
freshly changed [pdf]Analysis and falsifiability in practice: A commentary on Haspelmath’s ‘General Linguistics must be based on Language Universals’
Lyskawa, Paulina
Ranero, Rodrigo
new [pdf]Sibilant Harmony in Santiago Tz'utujil (Mayan)
Brindle, Jonathan
Dakubu, Mary
Kambon, Obadele
new [pdf]Kiliji, An Unrecorded Spiritual Language of Eastern Ghana
Kambon, Obadele
Osam, Kweku
Amfo, Nana
new [pdf]A Case for Revisiting Definitions of Serial Verb Constructions – Evidence from Akan Serial Verb Nominalization
Buccola, Brian
Crnic, Luka
freshly changed [pdf]NPIs, intervention, and collectivity
Buccola, Brian
Kuhn, Jeremy
Nicolas, David
freshly changed [pdf]Groups vs. covers revisited: Evidence from symmetric readings of sentences with plurals
Appah, Clement
Duah, Reginald
Kambon, Obadele
new [pdf]Akan noun–verb nominal compounds: The exocentric synthetic view
Jeffrey, Lamontagne
Goad, Heather
new [pdf]Weight sensitivity and prominence in Laurentian French
Buccola, Brian
Kriz, Manuel
Chemla, Emmanuel
freshly changed [pdf]Conceptual alternatives
Kobayashi, Filipe Hisao
Rouillard, Vincent
freshly changed [pdf]High and low uniqueness in singular wh-interrogatives
Moltmann, Friederike
freshly changed [pdf]Levels of Ontology and Natural Language: the Case of the Ontology of Parts and Wholes
Duah, Reginald
Kambon, Obadele
new [pdf]On The Structure of Causatives In Akan
Lyskawa, Paulina
new [pdf]Coordination without grammar-internal feature resolution

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