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Chemla, Emmanuel
Dautriche, Isabelle
Buccola, Brian
Fagot, Joel
freshly changed [pdf]Constraints on the lexicons of human languages have cognitive roots present in baboons (Papio papio)
Galbraith, Daniel
freshly changed [pdf]The Predictable Case of Faroese [PhD thesis]
Tilsen, Sam
freshly changed [pdf]Syntax with oscillators and energy levels
White, Aaron Steven
new [pdf]Nothing's wrong with believing (or hoping) whether
Yates, Anthony
new [pdf]The phonology, phonetics, and diachrony of Sturtevant's Law
Georgi, Doreen
new [pdf]On the nature of ATB-movement: insights from reflexes of movement
Clemens, Lauren Eby
Bickmore, Lee
freshly changed [pdf]The role of attachment height in explaining prosodic phrasing in Rutooro
Broekhuis, Hans
freshly changed [pdf]A new and challenging view on verb clustering. On 'Not another book on Verb Raising' by Lotte Dros-Hendriks
Arregi, Karlos
Pietraszko, Asia
freshly changed [pdf]The ups and downs of head displacement
Coon, Jessica
Baier, Nico
Levin, Theodore
2019-04 [pdf]Mayan Agent Focus and the Ergative Extraction Constraint: Facts and Fictions Revisited
Davis, Colin
2019-04 [pdf]The Constraints and Consequences of Possessor Extraction in English
Pearl, Lisa
2019-04 [pdf]Leveraging monolingual developmental techniques to better understand heritage languages
Rolle, Nicholas
O'Hagan, Zachary
2019-04 [pdf]Different Kinds of Second-position Clitics in Caquinte
Benitez-Burraco, Antonio
Murphy, Elliot
2019-04 [pdf]Why Brain Oscillations are Improving Our Understanding of Language
Murphy, Elliot
2019-04 [pdf]Language Design and Communicative Competence: The Minimalist Perspective
Kubota, Yusuke
Levine, Bob
2019-04 [pdf]Modal auxiliaries and negation: A type-logical account
Roehrs, Dorian
2019-04 [pdf]The Nominal Left Periphery in German: Abstract and Overt Agreement Chains
Bidese, Ermenegildo
2019-04 [pdf]Developing pro-drop. The case of Cimbrian
Kratzer, Angelika
Selkirk, Elisabeth
2019-04 [pdf]Deconstructing Information Structure
Ormazabal, Javier
Romero, Juan
2019-04 [pdf]The formal properties of non paradigmatic SE
Camacho, Jose
2019-04 [pdf]Un tal Ernestico/a certain Ernestico: On the structure of proper names
Bates, Alandi
Pearl, Lisa
2019-04 [pdf]*What do you think that happens? A quantitative and cognitive modeling analysis of linguistic evidence across socioeconomic status for learning syntactic islands
Huang, Nick
Mendes, Gesoel
2019-04 [pdf]On pronominalization and ellipsis in clausal idioms
Scheer, Tobias
2019-04 [pdf]Phonetic arbitrariness and its consequences
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
2019-04 [pdf]Subject Float, Low Subject Trapping, and Case in Icelandic
Asoulin, Eran
2019-04 [pdf]Why should syntactic islands exist?
Pesetsky, David
2019-04 [pdf]Exfoliation: towards a derivational theory of clause size
Crnic, Luka
2019-04 [pdf]Any: Logic, Likelihood, and Context
Kawahara, Shigeto
Kumagai, Gakuji
2019-04 [pdf]Inferring Pok√©mon types using sound symbolism: The effects of voicing and labiality
Buccola, Brian
Crnic, Luka
2019-04 [pdf]NPIs, intervention, and collectivity

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