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Murdhy Alshamari, Murdhy
new [pdf]Multi-Functionality of the Discourse Marker haweɪh in Ghamdi Dialect of Hijazi Arabic: Interaction of CP-Features? – A Minimalist-Cartographic Account
Borise, Lena
freshly changed [pdf]The prosody of focus projection: word stress and F0 patterns in Georgian
Bondarenko, Tanya
Zompi', Stanislao
freshly changed [pdf]Leftover Agreement: Spelling out Kartvelian Number
Moltmann, Friederike
freshly changed [pdf]Tastes and the Ontology of Impersonal Perception Reports
Xiang, Yimei
freshly changed [pdf]Binding without variables: Solving the under-generation problems
Burukina, Irina
freshly changed [pdf]External Merge to Specifier of CP: Complementizers Projecting an Argument
Yuan, Michelle
freshly changed [pdf]Ergativity and object shift across Inuit
Marty, Paul
Romoli, Jacopo
Sudo, Yasutada
Breheny, Richard
freshly changed [pdf]Negative Free Choice
Sauerland, Uli
Alexiadou, Artemis
freshly changed [pdf]Minimalism and a meaning first view
Pesetsky, David
new [pdf]Tales of an unambitious reverse engineer
Ahn, Byron
Nanette Veilleux, Nanette
Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, Stefanie
Brugos, Alejna
new [pdf]Embarking on PoLaR Explorations: A Framework for Intonational Annotation and Analysis
Zukoff, Sam
new [pdf]The Role of Alignment in Moro Affix Mobility: A Friendly Amendment to Jenks & Rose (2015)
Alqarni, Muteb
new [pdf]The Syntax of Nominal Apposition in Modern Standard Arabic: A Three-Configuration Proposal
Kodner, Jordan
new [pdf]Computational Models of Morphology Learning
Halm, Tamás
new [pdf]Why almost and almost are not even approximately the same: The diachronic semantics of approximatives in Hungarian
Dingemanse, M
freshly changed [pdf]Interjections
Xiang, Yimei
freshly changed [pdf]Relativized Exhaustivity: Mention-Some and Uniqueness
Weber, Natalie
new [pdf]Phonological Domains in Blackfoot: structures shared with Algonquian and the misbehavior of preverbs
Breitbarth, Anne
new [pdf]Live fast, die even younger: The afinite construction in Middle Low German
Dąbkowski, Maksymilian
freshly changed [pdf]Cofán comes in all shapes and sizes
Cheshire, Gerard
2021-10 [pdf]Dando voz al Voynich
Cheshire, Gerard
2021-10 [pdf]Voicing the Voynich
Kubota, Yusuke
Levine, Bob
2021-10 [pdf]The logic of the English auxiliary system
Haider, Hubert
2021-10 [pdf]Phonemicization of the glottal stop due to political correctness in German
Zukoff, Sam
2021-10 [pdf]The Mirror Alignment Principle: Morpheme Ordering at the Morphosyntax-Phonology Interface
Erlewine, Michael
Lim, Cheryl
2021-10 [pdf]Bikol clefts and topics and the Austronesian subject-only extraction restriction
Halm, Tamás
Huszár, Anna
2021-10 [pdf]Expletive Negation in Exclamatives - Evidence from Hungarian
Medeiros, David P
2021-10 [pdf]Universal Supergrammar: *231 in neutral word order
Tabachnick, Guy
2021-10 [pdf]A Sublexicon Approach to Morphological Dependencies
Breiss, Canaan
Katsuda, Hironori
Kawahara, Shigeto
2021-10 [pdf]A quantitative study of voiced velar nasalization in Japanese

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