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Pietraszko, Asia
freshly changed [pdf]The coming apart of case and focus in Bantu
Soria Ruiz, Andrés
Faroldi, Federico L.G.
new [pdf]Moral adjectives, judge-dependency and holistic multidimensionality
Biskup, Petr
new [pdf]Slavic Obviative Subjunctives
Richards, Norvin
new [pdf]Immobile wh-phrases in Tagalog
Simik, Radek
Burianova, Marketa
freshly changed [pdf]Definiteness of bare NPs as a function of clausal position: A corpus study of Czech
Alqarni, Muteb
new [pdf]Reduplication: A New Distributed Morphology Approach
Goodhue, Daniel
freshly changed [pdf]Polarity focus as focus
Cornilescu, Alexandra
Nicolae, Alexandru
freshly changed [pdf]On a class of figure reflexives in Romanian
Saab, Andrés
Fernando, Carranza
freshly changed [pdf]Dimensiones del significado. Una introducción a la semántica formal
Von Fintel, Kai
Iatridou, Sabine
new [pdf]Prolegomena to a theory of X-marking
Bale, Alan
freshly changed [pdf]Compounded Scales
Breiss, Canaan
freshly changed [pdf]Cumulativity by default in phonotactic learning
Cable, Seth
new [pdf]Two Paths to Habituality: The Semantics of 'Habitual Mode' in Tlingit (and Simple Present in English)
Cognola, Federica
Walkden, George
new [pdf]pro-drop in interrogatives and declaratives
Walkden, George
Breitbarth, Anne
new [pdf]Complexity as L2-difficulty: implications for syntactic change
Staniszewski, Frank
new [pdf]Until-phrases as obligatory free choice items
Scontras, Gregory
Pearl, Lisa
new [pdf]When pragmatics matters more for truth-value judgments: An investigation of quantifier scope ambiguity
Staniszewski, Frank
new [pdf]Wanting, acquiescing, and neg-raising
Enguehard, Émile
new [pdf]Explaining presupposition projection in (coordinations of) polar questions
Kawahara, Shigeto
Godoy, Mahayana
Kumagai, Gakuji
freshly changed [pdf]Do sibilants fly? Evidence from a sound symbolic pattern in Pokémon names
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
freshly changed [pdf]Forest quickstart guide
Moon, Ellise
White, Aaron Steven
2020-06 [pdf]The source of nonfinite temporal interpretation
Wu, Danfeng
2020-06 [pdf]Why *"if or not" but ✓"whether or not"
Nie, Yining
2020-06 [pdf]Licensing arguments
Arsenijević, Boban
2020-06 [pdf]Playful speculations on how language might be and why there is functional material
Kalin, Laura
2020-06 [pdf]Morphology before phonology: A case study of Turoyo (Neo-Aramaic)
Milway, Daniel
2020-06 [pdf]A workspace-based theory of adjuncts
Schlenker, Philippe
2020-06 [pdf]Non-local Attachment of Clauses: Evidence from ASL
Kim, Min-Joo
2020-06 [pdf]Determiner Phrase: How Nominals are Built and How Constituent Orders are Derived
Wood, Jim
Gahm, Kaija
Neidel, Ian
Lioutikova, Sasha
Lindemann, Luke
Holubkov, Josephine
Lee, Lydia
2020-06 [pdf]Mapbook of Syntactic Variation in American English: Survey Results, 2015–2019

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