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T.davidova, Svetlana
new [pdf]the structure of E-language and its influence in linguistic theorizing
Satik, Deniz
new [pdf]The fourth wall against possibilism on truth-in-fiction
Chesi, Cristiano
freshly changed [pdf]Expectation-based Minimalist Grammars
Ormazabal, Javier
Romero, Juan
freshly changed [pdf]Deconstructing SE constructions: number agreement and post-syntactic variation
Sundara, Megha
Zhou, Z.L.
Breiss, Canaan
Katsuda, Hironori
Steffman, Jeremy
freshly changed [docx]Infants’ developing sensitivity to native language phonotactics: A Meta-analysis
Haider, Hubert
Szucsich, Luka
new [pdf]Czech is not [S[VO]] – A reply to Šimík & Jasinskaja
Rudin, Deniz
freshly changed [pdf]Intonational Commitments
Deal, Amy Rose
new [pdf]Negative concord as downward Agree
Goodhue, Daniel
freshly changed [pdf]Polarity focus as focus
Przepiórkowski, Adam
new [pdf]Polyadic Cover Quantification in Heterofunctional Coordination
Cheshire., Gerard
new [pdf]Vis-à-vis Voynich.
Halm, Tamás
Huszár, Anna
freshly changed [pdf]Expletive Negation in Exclamatives - Evidence from Hungarian
Stanton, Juliet
freshly changed [pdf]Phonetic rhythm in American English -ization
Aravind, Athulya
Fox, Danny
Hackl, Martin
freshly changed [pdf]Principles of presupposition in development
Grosz, Patrick Georg
new [pdf]Emojis and conditionals: Exploring the super linguistic interplay of pictorial modifiers and conditional meaning
Boskovic, Zeljko
freshly changed [pdf]On the limits of across-the-board movement: Distributed extraction coordinations
Austin, Patrik
new [pdf]The definitive solution of dominant order
Boskovic, Zeljko
new [pdf]Formalism and, not vs, Functionalism
Özyıldız, Deniz
new [pdf]The Event Structure of Attitudes
T.davidova, Svetlana
new [pdf]protolanguage reexamined
Miyagawa, Shigeru
new [pdf]Revisiting Fitch and Hauser's observation that tamarin monkeys can learn combinations based on finite-state grammar
Chatain, Keny
Bassi, Itai
Chen, Sherry Yong
Kobayashi, Filipe Hisao
freshly changed [pdf]Am I my own sibling?
Saab, Andrés
2021-12 [pdf]Clitics out of control. On an Agree failure and its dramatic LF consequences
Cheshire, Gerard
2021-12 [pdf]Dando voz al Voynich
Cheshire, Gerard
2021-12 [pdf]Voicing the Voynich
Galasso, Joseph
2021-11 [pdf]Lectures in the Minimalist Program: Syntheses & Exegeses
Kalin, Laura
Rolle, Nicholas
2021-11 [pdf]Deconstructing subcategorization: Conditions on insertion versus position
Rolle, Nicholas
Bickmore, Lee
2021-11 [pdf]Outward-looking phonologically-conditioned allomorphy versus first-last tone harmony in Cilungu
Hoot, Bradley
Ebert, Shane
2021-11 [pdf]The That-Trace Effect: Evidence from Spanish–English Code-Switching
Driemel, Imke
Özdemir, Ahmet Bilal
Popp, Marie-Luise
2021-11 [pdf]Direction towards Person: Canonical inverse and reverse PCC in Adyghe

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