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Smith, Ryan
Yu, Jianrong
freshly changed [pdf]Decomposing degree achievements: Evidence from measure phrases and sub-lexical modifiers
Satik, Deniz
freshly changed [pdf]The maximal size of infinitives: a truncation theory of finiteness
Kim, Min-Joo
freshly changed [pdf]The Syntax and Semantics of Korean External Possession Constructions
Stanton, Juliet
freshly changed [pdf]Allomorph selection precedes phonology: Evidence from the Yindjibarndi locative
Singerman, Adam
new [pdf]On finite embedded clauses in Tuparí: their synchrony, diachrony, and typology
Mangialavori Rasia, Eugenia
Ausensi, Josep
new [pdf]Manner/Result and (in)Transitivity Alternations
Ghanggo Ate, Yustinus
new [pdf]Kodi (Indonesia) - Language Snapshot.
Sohna, Zola
new [pdf]Traces of Negro Dutch in the Language of Native Black Americans
Zhang, Cong
Jepson, Kathleen
Lohfink, Georg
Arvaniti, Amalia
freshly changed [pdf]Comparing acoustic analyses of speech data collected remotely
Norris, Mark
new [pdf]Estonian and Finnish show that hybrid agreement is structural
Baroni, Marco
new [pdf]On the proper role of linguistically-oriented deep net analysis in linguistic theorizing
Paparounas, Lefteris
Salzmann, Martin
new [pdf]First Conjunct Clitic Doubling: Evidence for Agree-Based Approaches
Biskup, Petr
new [pdf]An Agree Analysis of the Morphological Aspect in Slavic
Esipova, Maria
freshly changed [pdf]What I will tell you about "matrix" wh-"exclamatives"!
Pietraszko, Asia
freshly changed [pdf]Cyclic Selection. Auxiliaries are merged, not inserted.
Diercks, Michael
Bossi, Madeline
freshly changed [pdf]tl;dr Developmental Minimalist Syntax
Diercks, Michael
Bossi, Madeline
freshly changed [pdf]Minimalist Syntax is psychologically real: Lessons from (counter)cyclicity
Guekguezian, Peter
Dolatian, Hossep
new [pdf]Distributing theme vowels across roots, verbalizers, and voice in Western Armenian verbs
Biskup, Petr
new [pdf]Slavic Obviative Subjunctives
Dingemanse, M
freshly changed [pdf]Ideophones
Goodhue, Daniel
freshly changed [pdf]Polarity focus as focus
Patejuk, Agnieszka
Przepiórkowski, Adam
freshly changed [pdf]Category Mismatches in Coordination Vindicated
Nakashima, Takanori
freshly changed [pdf]The Symmetry Condition on Labeling
Storme, Benjamin
new [pdf]Implicational generalizations in morphological syncretism: the role of communicative biases
Maier, Emar
freshly changed [pdf]Emojis as Pictures
Bondarenko, Tanya
Davis, Colin
freshly changed [pdf]Parasitic Gaps and Concealed Pied-Piping in Russian
Ishii, Toru
Goto, Nobu
2021-06 [pdf]Multiple Nominative and Form Sequence
Moltmann, Friederike
2021-06 [pdf]Names, Light Nouns, and Countability
Begus, Gasper
2021-06 [pdf]Distinguishing cognitive from historical influences in phonology
Hoot, Bradley
Ebert, Shane
2021-06 [pdf]On the position of subjects in Spanish: Evidence from code-switching

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