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Elliott, Patrick D.
freshly changed [pdf]Towards a principled logic of anaphora
Mondal, Prakash
freshly changed [pdf]A Precis of 'Language, Biology, and Cognition: A Critical Perspective' (2020)
Coon, Jessica
Baier, Nico
Levin, Theodore
freshly changed [pdf]Mayan Agent Focus and the Ergative Extraction Constraint: Facts and Fictions Revisited
Rolle, Nicholas
Bickmore, Lee
new [pdf]Outward-looking phonologically-conditioned allomorphy versus first-last tone harmony in Cilungu
Nicolae, Andreea
Yatsushiro, Kazuko
new [pdf]Not eating kein veggies: negative concord in child German
Doliana, Aaron
Sundaresan, Sandhya
freshly changed [pdf]Proxy control: a new species of control in grammar
Rolle, Nicholas
new [pdf]Lexical tone contrast in Izon as ubiquitous floating tone
Rolle, Nicholas
new [pdf]Polysynthesis, stress uniformity, and the opposite-to-anchor stress system in Ese Ejja
Lee, Seunghun
Won, Daehan
Kawahara, Shigeto
freshly changed [pdf]COVID-19 Myth Busters in World Languages: A case for broader impacts of linguistic research during the COVID-19 crisis
Ahn, Dorothy
Saha, Ankana
Sauerland, Uli
new [pdf]Positively polar plurals: Theory and predictions
Kalin, Laura
new [pdf]Infixes really are (underlyingly) prefixes/suffixes: Evidence from allomorphy on the fine timing of infixation
Begus, Gasper
freshly changed [pdf]Bootstrapping Sound Changes
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
new [pdf]Universality and variation in language
Haddad, Youssef
new [pdf]Vocatives as parenthetical adjuncts: Evidence from Arabic
Breiss, Canaan
freshly changed [pdf]Cumulativity by default in phonotactic learning
Wimmer, Alexander
freshly changed [pdf]On certain conditionals (PhD thesis)
Kratzer, Angelika
Selkirk, Elisabeth
freshly changed [pdf]Deconstructing Information Structure
Toquero-Pérez, Luis Miguel
freshly changed [pdf]That-trace effects are yet to be explained away: challenges for prosody-based accounts
Denić, Milica
Szymanik, Jakub
2020-11 [pdf]Are 'most' and 'more than half' truth-conditionally equivalent?
Herrmann, J. Michael
2020-11 [pdf]Bathing pages of the VM
Moro, Andrea
Roberts, Ian
2020-11 [pdf]Unstable structures and Generalized Dynamic Antisymmetry.
Satik, Deniz
2020-11 [pdf]Metafiction: the fourth wall against possible world semantics
Douglas, Jamie
2020-11 [pdf]So local a movement: Degree fronting in English nominals
Meinhardt, Eric
Mai, Anna
Bakovic, Eric
McCollum, Adam
2020-11 [pdf]On the proper treatment of weak determinism: Subsequentiality and simultaneous application in phonological maps
Do, Youngah
Lai, Ryan Ka Yau
2020-11 [pdf]Incorporating tone when modeling wordlikeness judgments
Hein, Johannes
Murphy, Andrew
2020-11 [pdf]Case matching and syncretism in ATB dependencies
Buccola, Brian
Haida, Andreas
2020-11 [pdf]How obligatory irrelevance, symmetric alternatives, and dense scales conspire: The case of modified numerals and ignorance
Breiss, Canaan
Albright, Adam
2020-11 [pdf]Cumulative markedness effects and (non-)linearity in phonotactics
Madruga, Magnun
Hamann, Silke
Abaurre, Maria
2020-11 [pdf]Gradient and categorical assimilation of pretonic vowels in Brazilian Portuguese
Bondarenko, Tanya
2020-11 [pdf]Factivity from pre-existence: evidence from Barguzin Buryat

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