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Lacerda, Renato
new [pdf]Configurational Information Structure: Evidence from Brazilian Portuguese
Broekhuis, Hans
Bayer, Josef
freshly changed [pdf]Sluicing and gapping: ellipsis or selective spell-out?
Erlewine, Michael
freshly changed [pdf]Anti-locality and subject extraction
Frasson, Alberto
new [pdf]The Brazilian Venetan subject clitics
Kodner, Jordan
new [pdf]Language Acquisition in the Past
Husic, Halima
new [pdf]A vagueness based analysis of abstract nouns
Schwarzschild, Roger
new [pdf]From possible individuals to scalar segments
Davis, Fineen
Santos, Diana
Souter, Heather
new [pdf]Computational Modelling of Michif Verbal Morphology
Murphy, Elliot
freshly changed [pdf]Assessing gain modulation as a cortical principle of natural language computation
Caplan, Spencer
Kodner, Jordan
Yang, Charles
freshly changed [pdf]Miller's Monkey Updated: Communicative Efficiency and the Statistics of Words in Natural Language
Wurmbrand, Susi
Lohninger, Magdalena
freshly changed [pdf]An implicational universal in complementation: Theoretical insights and empirical progress
Frasson, Alberto
D'Alessandro, Roberta
van Osch, Brechje
new [pdf]Null subjects in contact
Sato, Yosuke
new [pdf]Idioms, Argument Ellipsis and LF-Copy
Abrusan, Marta
freshly changed [pdf]The Spectrum of Perspective Shift: Protagonist Projection vs. Free Indirect Discourse
Xiang, Yimei
freshly changed [pdf]Higher-order readings of wh-questions
Zhang, Linmin
Ling, Jia
new [pdf]The semantics of comparatives: A difference-based approach
Baykov, Fyodor
Rudnev, Pavel
new [pdf]Not all obligatory control is movement
Royer, Justin
new [pdf]An apparent syntax-prosody mismatch as right extraposition: Evidence from Mayan
Blix, Hagen
freshly changed [pdf]Spans in South Caucasian Agreement: Revisiting the Pieces of Inflection
Moltmann, Friederike
freshly changed [pdf]Introduction to 'Mass and Count in Linguistics, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science'
Rasin, Ezer
Aravind, Athulya
freshly changed [pdf]The nature of the semantic stimulus: the acquisition of every as a case study
Kayne, Richard
Leu, Thomas
Zanuttini, Raffaella
new [pdf]An Annotated Syntax Reader Lasting Insights and Questions
Härtl, Holden
freshly changed [pdf]Referring nouns in name-informing quotation: A copula-based approach
Duarte Garcia, Guilherme
Goad, Heather
new [pdf]Weight effects and the parametrization of the foot: English vs. Portuguese
Muñoz Pérez, Carlos
Verdecchia, Matías
2020-05 [pdf]Predicate doubling in Spanish: On how discourse may mimic syntactic movement
Crnic, Luka
Haida, Andreas
2020-05 [pdf]Free Choice and Divisiveness
Gunes, Guliz
2020-05 [pdf]Morphosyntax and Phonology of Agreement in Turkish
Tang, Kuan
2020-05 [pdf]Nominal Ellipsis in Mandarin
Saab, Andrés
Orlando, Eleonora
2020-05 [pdf]Epítetos e insultos de grupo en español. Sobre una ambigüedad y sus implicaciones sintáctico-semánticas
Abramovitz, Rafael
2020-05 [pdf]Successive-Cyclic Wh-Movement Feeds Case Competition in Koryak

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