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Mangialavori Rasia, Eugenia
Ausensi, Josep
freshly changed [pdf]Intransitive Causatives in English: Productivity Regularities and Asymmetries
Preminger, Omer
new [pdf]Taxonomies of case and ontologies of case
Hiraiwa, Ken
new [pdf]Negative . . . Concord or Polarity?: NSIs in Okinawan
Zhang, Linmin
freshly changed [pdf]Comparatives bring a degree-based NPI licenser
Dolatian, Hossep
freshly changed [pdf]Computational locality of cyclic phonology in Armenian
Schlenker, Philippe
Lamberton, Jonathan
freshly changed [pdf]Meaningful Blurs: the Sources of Repetition-based Plurals in ASL
Hiraiwa, Ken
new [pdf]The Faculty of Language Integrates the Two Core Systems of Number
Phillips, Josh
Kotek, Hadas
freshly changed [pdf]Discourse anaphoric otherwise: Information structure & modal subordination
Rodrigues, Cilene
new [pdf]The impact of schizotypy on pragmatics: analyzing if context-information is integrated into the semantic meaning of definite singular DPs
Akanlig-Pare, George
Hiraiwa, Ken
new [pdf]Unary/Binary-NEG Structures of NPIs and Reduplication in Buli
Abramovitz, Rafael
Močnik, Maša
freshly changed [pdf]Using Matching Tasks in Semantic Fieldwork
Davis, Colin
new [pdf]What Parasitic Gaps Reveal about Overlapping Paths and Multiple Specifier Formation
Pasternak, Robert
freshly changed [pdf]Compositional trace conversion
Widmer, Manuel
Jenny, Mathias
Behr, Wolfgang
Bickel, Balthasar
new [pdf]Morphological structure can escape reduction effects from mass admixture of second language speakers: evidence from Sino-Tibetan
Cournane, Ailís
new [pdf]Learning modals: A grammatical perspective
Anderson, Carolyn
new [pdf]Shifting the Perspectival Landscape
Roehrs, Dorian
new [pdf]The Plural Indefinite Article Ein in German
Juzek, Tom S.
Häussler, Jana
new [pdf]Data convergence in syntactic theory and the role of sentence pairs
Liefke, Kristina
new [pdf]Two kinds of English non-manner 'how'-complements
Elliott, Patrick D.
freshly changed [pdf]A Plea for Equality: Commentary on "Truthmaker Semantics for Natural Language"
Goldsmith, John
new [pdf]Videos: Presentation of autosegmental phonology
Ausensi, Josep
freshly changed [pdf]Resultatives and the architecture of event structure
Saab, Andrés
freshly changed [pdf]Ellipsis: its way from syntax to morphology
Szabolcsi, Anna
new [pdf]Exemplification with disjunction
Overfelt, Jason
new [pdf]Nipped in the bud: Failed sprouting in QUD not-at-issue content
Fenger, Paula
freshly changed [pdf]Words within Words: The Internal Syntax of Verbs
Hammerly, Christopher
freshly changed [pdf]The pronoun which comprehenders who process it in islands derive a benefit
Denić, Milica
new [pdf]Probabilistic informativeness in implicature computation: the case of embedded disjunctions
Zhang, Niina Ning
new [pdf]External Degree Constructions in Mandarin
Svenonius, Peter
new [pdf]Dependent Nexus: Subordinate Predication Structures in English and the Scandinavian Languages

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