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Smith, Ryan Walter
freshly changed [pdf]Similative Plurality and the Nature of Alternatives
Katz, Jonah
freshly changed [pdf]Grouping in music and language
Tahar, Chloe
new [pdf]La négation explétive: des impératifs aux connecteurs. Approche diachronique et formelle
Erbasi, Betul
new [pdf]Perspective in Turkish Complementation
Grosz, Patrick Georg
Greenberg, Gabriel
De Leon, Christian
Kaiser, Elsi
freshly changed [pdf]A semantics of face emoji in discourse
Olivier, Marc
new [pdf]A Corpus Study of Clitic Placement with Infinitives in the Diachrony of French
Georgi, Doreen
Amaechi, Mary
new [pdf]Resumption in Igbo: two types of resumptives, complex phi-mismatches, and dynamic deletion domains
Narayan, Chandan
freshly changed [pdf]Speaking rate and language-specific voice onset time effects on burst amplitude: Cross-linguistic observations and implications for sound change
Li, Ying
Goad, Heather
freshly changed [pdf]Naïve English-speaking Learners’ Use of Indirect Positive Evidence: The Case of Mandarin Plural Marking
Murray, Sarah
Little, Carol Rose
Ortega, Chloe
Leman, Wayne
Littlebear, Richard
Whitegrass, Jessie
Ash-Eide, Haley
Sioux Calf, Desta
freshly changed [pdf]Cheyenne Demonstratives: A Corpus Study
Himmelmann, Nikolaus
freshly changed [pdf]On the comparability of prosodic categories: why ‘stress’ is difficult
Pascual, Esther
Barbara, Marqueta
freshly changed [pdf]Dataset of Spanish Verb+Noun Compounds and Related Constructions
Muñoz, Patrick
new [pdf]Ü-Tsang performative egophors
Denić, Milica
Sudo, Yasutada
new [pdf]Donkey anaphora in non-monotonic environments
Weber, Natalie
new [pdf]Prosodic Word Recursion in a Polysynthetic Language (Blackfoot; Algonquian)
Shim, Jae-Young
new [pdf]Transfer and Dynamic Access
Hara, Yurie
freshly changed [pdf]*Daroo ka↑: The interplay of deictic modality, sentence type, prosody and tier of meaning
Dąbkowski, Maksymilian
Anderbois, Scott
freshly changed [pdf]Rationale and precautioning clauses: Insights from A'ingae
Dolatian, Hossep
Guekguezian, Peter
2022-06 [pdf]Derivational timing of morphomes: Morphological rule ordering in the Armenian aorist stem
Perkins, Laurel
Knowlton, Tyler
Williams, Alexander
Lidz, Jeffrey
2022-06 [pdf]Thematic content, not number matching, drives syntactic bootstrapping
Suarez-Palma, Imanol
2022-06 [pdf]Middle formation and inalienability in Asturian
Davis, Colin
2022-06 [pdf]The morpho-syntactic significance of the unextractability of English possessive pronouns (NELS 52 proceedings)
D'Alessandro, Roberta
2022-06 [pdf]A short history of Agree
Lee, Tommy Tsz-Ming
2022-06 [pdf]Towards the unity of movement: implication from verb movement in Cantonese
Payne, Sarah
Yang, Charles
2022-06 [pdf]Making Good on BADS
Wehbe, Jad
Flor, Enrico
2022-06 [pdf]Focus-sensitivity and homogeneity in attitude predicates
Glass, Lelia
2022-06 [pdf]The curious case of the negatively biased Mandarin belief verb "yiwei"
Kim, Okgi
2022-06 [pdf]On Korean what-exclamatives
Jovovic, Ivana
2022-06 [pdf]Condition B and Other Conditions on Pronominal Licensing in Serbo-Croatian
Rolle, Nicholas
2022-06 [pdf]A tonological rarity: Tone-driven epenthesis in Ghomala’

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