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Polinsky, Maria
2019-01 [pdf]Introduction
Caha, Pavel
De Clercq, Karen
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
2019-01 [pdf]On the difference between a √ and a root
Shimamura, Koji
2019-01 [pdf]The Syntax of Nominative-genitive Conversion in Japanese: Tense and (Shrinking) Clausal Nominalization
Justine, Sikuku
Diercks, Michael
Marlo, Michael
2019-01 [pdf]Pragmatic Effects of Clitic Doubling: Two Kinds of Object Markers in Lubukusu
Ganenkov, Dmitry
Bogomolova, Natalia
2019-01 [pdf]Binding and Indexicality in the Caucasus
Murphy, Elliot
2019-01 [pdf]No Country for Oldowan Men: Self-Domestication and Cranial Globularity as Factors in Language Evolution
Ganenkov, Dmitry
2019-01 [pdf]Ergativity in the Caucasus
Samek-Lodovici, Vieri
2019-01 [pdf]Contrast, Contrastive Focus, and Focus Fronting
Chen, Tingchun
2018-06 [pdf]Multiple case assignment in Amis: evidence from case-stacking
Homer, Vincent
2018-12 [pdf]That's all
Stanton, Juliet
2018-12 [pdf]Constraints on contrast motivate nasal cluster dissimilation
Esipova, Maria
2018-12 [pdf]Composition and projection of adnominal content across modalities
Krivochen, Diego
2018-12 [pdf]On Folding and Twisting (and whatknot): Towards a characterization of workspaces in syntax
Rolle, Nicholas
Hyman, Larry
2018-12 [pdf]Phrase-level Prosodic Smothering in Makonde
Kentner, Gerrit
2018-12 [pdf]Do not repeat: Repetition and reduplication in German revisited
Smith, Larry
2018-12 [pdf]Cognitax Tool Grammar: Re-factoring the Generative Program; A pervasive action dimension for linguistic description, theory and models
Tse, Keith
2018-12 [pdf]Chinese cleft constructions: microparametric 'lateral' grammaticalization
Stanton, Juliet
2018-12 [pdf]Phonetic lapse in American English –ative
Cappelle, Bert
Denis, Pascal
Keller, Mikaela
2018-12 [pdf]Facing the facts of fake: A distributional semantics and corpus annotation approach
Kayne, Richard
2018-12 [pdf]The Syntax of Suppletion (handout)
Caha, Pavel
De Clercq, Karen
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
2018-12 [pdf]The Fine Structure of the Comparative
Blaszczak, Joanna
Czypionka, Anna
Blaszczak, Joanna
2018-12 [pdf]When verbs have bugs: lexical and syntactic processing costs of split particle verbs in sentence comprehension
Hanna, Kędzierska
Witkowski, Wojciech
Blaszczak, Joanna
Klimek-Jankowska, Dorota
Gulgowski, Piotr
2018-12 [pdf]On the Relevance of the Syntactic Flexibility of an Idiom for Its Recognition: Experimental Evidence from Polish
Dabouis, Quentin
2018-12 [pdf]The pronunciation of vowels with secondary stress in English
Tkachman, Oksana
Meir, Irit
2018-12 [pdf]Novel compounding and the emergence of structure in two young sign languages
Philip, Joy
2018-12 [pdf]Restrictions on the Morphosyntactic Marking of Dependencies: What Linkers Tell Us
Schäfer, Lea
Schallert, Oliver
2018-12 [pdf]Sprachen ohne Grammatik? Die Morphosyntax von Numeralia in deutschen Sondersprachen
Deal, Amy Rose
2018-12 [pdf]Indexiphors: Notes on embedded indexicals, shifty agreement, and logophoricity
Pons-Moll, Clàudia
2018-12 [pdf]The limits of the free ride in morphophonemic learning. Evidence from Catalan
Pons-Moll, Clàudia
Torres-Tamarit, Francesc
2018-12 [pdf]Catalan nativization patterns in the light of Weighted Scalar Constraints
Murphy, Elliot
Benitez-Burraco, Antonio
2018-12 [pdf]Paleo-oscillomics: inferring aspects of Neanderthal language abilities from gene regulation of neural oscillations
Stegovec, Adrian
2018-12 [pdf]Obvia et Impera! A case for ‘perspectival control’ in directive clauses
Collins, Chris
2018-12 [pdf]The Theta-Criterion, UTAH and the Projection of External Arguments in the Passive
Schneider-Zioga, Patricia
2018-12 [pdf]Non-verbal predication in Bantu
Tilsen, Sam
2018-12 [pdf]Space and time in models of speech rhythm
Biskup, Petr
2018-12 [pdf]Prepositions and Verbal Prefixes: The Case of Slavic
Akita, Kimi
Dingemanse, Mark
2018-12 [pdf]Ideophones (Mimetics, Expressives)
Zymet, Jesse
2018-12 [pdf]Lexical propensities in phonology: corpus and experimental evidence, grammar, and learning
Castroviejo, Elena
Oltra-Massuet, Isabel
2018-12 [pdf]Generic and action-dependent abilities in Spanish 'Be capable'
Ershova, Ksenia
2018-12 [pdf]Two paths to polysynthesis: The view from West Circassian nominalizations
Thompson, Arthur
2018-12 [pdf]Prosodic Systematicity Meets Language Development: Skewed Tonal Inventories in Non-Arbitrary Language
Pilszczikowa-Chodak, Nina
2018-12 [pdf]On the Distribution of Consonants and Vowels in Dissyllabic Base Words in Contemporary Hawaiian
Broekhuis, Hans
2018-12 [pdf]Asymmetrical coordination. Syntax, semantics and pragmatics.
Kawahara, Shigeto
2018-12 [pdf]Teaching phonetics through sound symbolism
Akkus, Faruk
2018-12 [pdf]Variable embedded agent in Sason Arabic
Angelopoulos, Nikos
2018-12 [pdf]Reconstructing Clitic Doubling
Hao, Lin
2018-11 [pdf]Interrogative Marking of Chinese Sign Language—a Preliminary Investigation
Anvari, Amir
2018-11 [pdf]Logical Integrity: from Maximize Presupposition! to Mismatching Implicatures
Griffiths, James
2018-11 [pdf]A Q-based approach to clausal ellipsis: Deriving the Preposition Stranding and Island Sensitivity Generalisations without movement
Schwarz, Martha
Sonderegger, Morgan
Goad, Heather
2018-11 [pdf]Realization and representation of Nepali laryngeal contrasts: Voiced aspirates and laryngeal realism
Gehrke, Berit
McNally, Louise
2018-11 [pdf]Idioms and the syntax/semantics interface of descriptive content vs. reference (heavily revised)
Alqarni, Muteb
2018-11 [pdf]Pronominal System in Standard Arabic: A Distributed Morphology Analysis
Royer, Justin
2018-11 [pdf]Headless relative clauses in Chuj
Bernard, Timothée
Champollion, Lucas
2018-11 [pdf]Negative events in compositional semantics
Muñoz Pérez, Carlos
2018-11 [pdf]What is in a trace? Accounting for reconstruction patterns in parasitic gaps
Arsenijevic, Boban
Willer Gold, Jana
Aljović, Nadira
Čordalija, Nermina
Krešić Vukosav, Marijana
Leko, Nedzad
Malenica, Frane
Marušič, Franc
Milićev, Tanja
Milicevic, Natasa
Mišmaš, Petra
Mitić, Ivana
Peti-Stantic, Anita
Stankovic, Branimir
Tusek, Jelena
Nevins, Andrew
2018-11 [pdf]Elided Clausal Conjunction is not the Only Source of Closest Conjunct Agreement: A Picture Matching Study
Knobe, Joshua
Mandelkern, Matthew
Dieball, Alexander
Kirkpatrick, James
2018-11 [pdf]'You do it like this!' Impersonal pronouns and default reasoning
Collins, James N.
2018-11 [pdf]Definiteness determined by syntax: A case study in Tagalog
Diercks, Michael
Carstens, Vicki
2018-11 [pdf]Bantu Syntax
Borise, Lena
2018-11 [pdf]Tone and Intonation in the Languages of the Caucasus
Borise, Lena
2018-11 [pdf]Word Stress in the Languages of the Caucasus
Collins, Chris
2018-11 [pdf]On the Phi-Features of the Implicit Argument in the Passive
Kentner, Gerrit
Franz, Isabelle
2018-11 [pdf]No evidence for prosodic effects on the syntactic encoding of complement clauses in German
Glass, Lelia
2018-11 [pdf]Adjectives relate individuals to states: Evidence from the two readings of English Determiner + Adjective
Westera, Matthijs
2018-11 [pdf]Rising declaratives of the Quality-suspending kind
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
2018-11 [pdf]Gender at the edge
Moltmann, Friederike
2018-11 [pdf]Attitudinal Objects. Their Ontology and Importance for Philosophy and Natural Language Semantics
Rawski, Jonathan
Heinz, Jeffrey
2018-11 [pdf]No Free Lunch in Linguistics or Machine Learning
Spector, Benjamin
2018-11 [pdf]Modified numerals (handbook article)
Shimamura, Koji
2018-11 [pdf]The Theory of Quotative Complementation in Japanese Semanticosyntax
D'Alessandro, Roberta
2018-11 [pdf]Agreement. The Romance perspective
Romanova, Eugenia
Spiridonov, Dmitry
2018-11 [pdf]Syntactic features of proper names: The generativist approach(es) to properhood
Sánchez-Calderón, Silvia
Erlewine, Michael
2018-11 [pdf]A syntactic universal in a contact language: The story of Singlish already
Schlenker, Philippe
2018-11 [pdf]Gestural Semantics
Vanden Wyngaerd, Guido
2018-11 [pdf]Locative-Directional Alternations
Storme, Benjamin
2018-11 [pdf]Contrast enhancement motivates closed-syllable laxing and open-syllable tensing
Pietraszko, Asia
2018-11 [pdf]Relative clauses and CP nominalization in Ndebele
Boskovic, Zeljko
2018-11 [pdf]On The Coordinate Structure Constraint, Across-the-Board-Movement, Phases, and Labeling
Boskovic, Zeljko
2018-11 [pdf]On Verb Second and Clitic Second
D'Alessandro, Roberta
Van Oostendorp, Marc
2018-11 [pdf]Magnetic Grammar
Crowley, Paul
2018-11 [pdf]Neg-Raising and Neg movement
Takita, Kensuke
2018-11 [pdf]Labeling for Linearization
Schlenker, Philippe
2018-11 [pdf]Gestural Cosuppositions within the Transparency Theory [Squib]
Starke, Michal
2018-11 [pdf]Cleaning up the lexicon
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
2018-11 [pdf]V1 declaratives and verb-raising in Icelandic
Davis, Colin
2018-11 [pdf]Crossing and Stranding at Edges
Fong, Suzana
2018-11 [pdf]Proper movement through Spec-CP: an argument from hyperraising in Mongolian
Glass, Lelia
2018-11 [pdf]Using lexical semantics to predict the distributivity potential of Verb Phrases in a large dataset
Hein, Johannes
Murphy, Andrew
2018-11 [pdf]VP Nominalization and the Final-over-Final Condition
Amaechi, Mary
Georgi, Doreen
2018-11 [pdf]Quirks of subject (non-)extraction in Igbo
Chemla, Emmanuel
Dautriche, Isabelle
Buccola, Brian
Fagot, Joel
2018-11 [pdf]Constraints on the lexicons of human languages have cognitive roots present in baboons (Papio papio)
Pearl, Lisa
Sprouse, Jon
2018-11 [pdf]Comparing solutions to the linking problem using an integrated quantitative framework of language acquisition
Begus, Gasper
2018-11 [pdf]Post-Nasal Devoicing and a Probabilistic Model of Phonological Typology
Begus, Gasper
2018-11 [pdf]Bootstrapping Sound Changes
Shih, Stephanie
Zuraw, Kie
2018-11 [pdf]The nature of the phonology-syntax interface, from variable adjective and noun word order in Tagalog
Hao, Yiding
2018-11 [pdf]Learnability and Overgeneration in Computational Syntax
Kucerova, Ivona
2018-11 [pdf]What’s in a phase label: Toward a formal theory of syntax features at the syntax-semantics interface
Yuan, Michelle
2018-11 [pdf]Dimensions of Ergativity in Inuit: Theory and Microvariation

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