The last word on polysynthesis: A review article on the Oxford handbook of polysynthesis (2017)
Martin Haspelmath
February 2018

This review article gives an introduction to the "Oxford handbook of polysynthesis" (edited by Michael Fortescue, Marianne Mithun and Nicholas Evans, 2017) and suggests that subsequent scholarship will take a different direction, rather than try to go further in the same direction. It argues that this is necessary, as the traditional notion of "polysynthesis" is not well-defined. The handbook can thus be seen as the last word on the traditional topic of polysynthesis.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006482
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Published in: Linguistic Typology 22(2). 307-326; doi: 10.1515/lingty-2018-0011
keywords: syntax, morphology, polysynthesis, morphology, syntax
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