Polish deadjectival nouns as nominalized adverbs
Bartosz Wiland
November 2021

The traditional description of Polish abstract nouns such as lekkość ‘lightness’ or jasność ‘brightness’ holds that they are formed with an adjectival root and the nominalizing suffix -ość. The paper considers an alternative analysis where -o-ść is a complex marker and such nominals go through an adverbial stage in their formation, rendering them [[[A] Adv] N] structures, a possibility suggested by the fact that the -o itself is an adverbial marker.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006305
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Published in: Studies in Polish Linguistics 16:4 (2021), pp. 207-227
keywords: polish -ość nouns (nomina essendi), adjectives, adverbs, nanosyntax, morphology, syntax
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