Agreement shift in embedded reports
Dmitry Ganenkov
October 2021

The article discusses person agreement in embedded reports in Aqusha Dargwa (Nakh-Daghestanian). In contrast to root clauses, which have obligatory person agreement matching the features of the controller, finite embedded reports allow pronoun–agreement mismatches, such as third person agreement in the presence of the 1SG subject or 1SG agreement in the presence of a third person subject. I argue that person agreement in Aqusha can function in two different modes: plain φ-feature mode and logophoric mode, depending on whether person morphology responds to usual morphological person features or to discourse-related logophoric features. Concentrating on the logophoric mode, I propose that the left periphery of finite embedded reports contains a logophoric complementizer that carries the discourse feature [LOG] and a null pronominal in its specifier specified as [ATTITUDE HOLDER].
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Reference: lingbuzz/006276
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Published in: Accepted for publication in Linguistic Inquiry
keywords: attitude reports, personal pronouns, person agreement, nakh-daghestanian, dargwa, syntax
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