A quantitative study of voiced velar nasalization in Japanese
Canaan Breiss, Hironori Katsuda, Shigeto Kawahara
October 2021

This paper presents a corpus-based analysis of voiced velar nasalization (VVN) in the standard (Yamanote) dialect of Japanese. It is the first quantitative study of the phenomenon, and confirms the impressionistic observation reported in the previous literature; at the same time, our study finds that these generalizations are stochastic. Looking more closely at the determinants of this variation reveals effects of local segmental assimilation, prosodic length, and a strong role of lexical token frequency.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006254
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Published in: U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 27.1, 2021
keywords: japanese phonology, token frequency, corpus analysis, variation, prosodic structure, voiced velar nasalization, morphology, phonology
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