The derivational timing of ellipsis: An overview of theoretical approaches
Anikó Lipták, Guliz Gunes
September 2021

PF-deletion accounts of ellipsis currently enjoy popularity in the mainstream generative framework. These approaches assume that elided material has full syntactic representation. Since ellipsis clearly impacts the actual phonetic realization of a sentence, the lack of pronunciation in ellipsis is understood in these accounts as some kind of silencing of the syntactic structure, which takes place at PF. While this much is agreed on, there is no consensus yet within PF-deletion theories on the question of what operation (or lack thereof) in the derivation of the syntactic and/or the PF presentation causes the silencing. This chapter summarizes and highlights the attempts that have been made to determine when ellipsis applies in the grammar. By bringing together different views on the topic, we hope to pave the way towards a better understanding of the nature of ellipsis itself in silent structure theories.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006177
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Published in: The Derivational Timing of Ellipsis, Oxford University Press
keywords: ellipsis, pf-deletion, architecture of grammar, narrow syntax, lf, interface, pf, spell-out, derivational timing, syntax, phonology, semantics, morphology
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