NEG-raising via Proform
Yuta Sakamoto
February 2021

In this squib, I examined a hitherto unnoticed interaction between NEG-raising and clausal so anaphora, showing that the semantic/pragmatic analysis of NEG-raising is favored over the syntactic analysis. Specifically, I first showed that clausal so anaphora is an instance of proform based on the impossibility of extraction out of its domain. Then, I demonstrated that the NEG-raising inference is available even under the context where an embedded clause selected by a NEG-raising predicate, e.g. think and believe, is replaced by so, which is shown to argue for the semantic/pragmatic analysis of NEG-raising. Although NEG-raising and clausal so anaphora have been hotly debated in the literature, little attention has been paid to their interactions, which I have shown provide us with a consequence for the proper analysis of NEG-raising.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006175
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Published in: Linguistic Inquiry (accepted with minor revisions)
keywords: neg-raising, proform, extraction, anaphora, semantics, syntax
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