The semantics of (in)definiteness in bare vs. non-bare nominals: A study of Kannada and English [PhD thesis]
Sadhwi Srinivas
August 2021

This thesis investigates the semantics of two classes of definite expressions in English and Kannada, namely (i) ordinary definite descriptions — expressed using the definite determiner "the" in English, and the determiner-less bare nominal in Kannada, and (ii) demonstrative descriptions — expressed using overt demonstrative determiners in both languages. Alongside this contribution, the current work also serves as the first detailed study of bare noun phrases in Kannada, a language without overt definite and indefinite articles.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006163
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Published in: Johns Hopkins University
keywords: bare nominals, definite descriptions, uniqueness, familiarity, semantic incorporation, ambiguity vs. under-specification, semantics, syntax
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