Morphology-phonology interplay in lexical stress assignment: Ichishkiin Sɨnwit
Ksenia Bogomolets
July 2021

This paper presents a novel analysis of the stress system of Ichishkiin Sɨnwit (Sahaptian). Ichishkiin Sɨnwithas been previously analyzed as a unique example of a stress system requiring a ranking of the AffixFaithfulness constraints over the Root Faithfulness constraints. I argue, however, that such idiosyncratic stress mechanisms are not necessary. Instead, I propose that accent assignment is cyclic: Underlying accent in the outermost derivational layer within the relevant domain wins. A central role in this analysis belongs to (i) the underlying specification of morphemes for accent, and to (ii) morpho-prosodic domains. The current proposal additionally offers an insight into the role of morpho-prosodic domains in the hiatus resolution strategies.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006104
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Published in: Bogomolets, K. (2021). Morphology-phonology interplay in lexical stress assignment: Ichishkiin Sɨnwit, Acta Linguistica Academica, 68(1-2), 77-102.
keywords: prosody, morphology, lexical stress, cyclic stress, cyclic accent, stress, prosodic domains, ichishkiin si-nwit, morphology, phonology
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