Coordinate Structures without Syntactic Categories
Adam Przepiórkowski, Agnieszka Patejuk
November 2020

The issue of the syntactic category of unlike category coordination has been elusive for decades, with a plethora of proposals, all deficient in one way or another. This chapter proposes to broaden the perspective and consider disjunctive selectional restrictions which are not limited to syntactic categories, but which also take into consideration morphosyntactic and lexical properties. On the basis of data from English and Polish, we argue that unlike category coordination does not have a category of its own – not ConjP, not that of the first conjunct, not a matrix of binary categories.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006083
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Published in: in Modular Design of Grammar: Linguistics on the Edge (ed. by I Wayan Arka, Ash Asudeh, and Tracy Holloway King), Oxford University Press, pp.205–220; this is a pre-proof preprint
keywords: unlike category coordination, syntactic categories, lfg, polish, syntax
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