Crossing phasal domains
Roberta D'Alessandro
August 2021

Resumptive strategies and topic marking have often been attributed to processing needs: you need an element to keep track of what you have dislocated. In this paper, I wish to entertain the hypothesis that doubling and marking are syntactic strategies that serve to mark domain crossing; more specifically, they mark spell-out domain crossing. Some data regarding an asymmetry between subject and object clitics will be considered and explained through this intuition. I will present data from some Romance varieties, most notably Italo-Romance, to show that this intuition might be on the right track. This is work in progress. Any suggestion/feedback/ question/ note will be very welcome! Thanks!
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Reference: lingbuzz/006016
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Published in: submitted
keywords: clitic resumption, subject clitics, object clitics, topicalization, pic, syntax
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