A parallel derivation theory of adjuncts
Daniel Milway
June 2022

I present and argue for a theory of adjuncts according to which, adjuncts and their respective hosts are derived as separate, parallel objects that are not combined until forced to by the process of linearization. I formalize the notion of the workspace, and the workspace-based operation MERGE (Chomsky 2020). Finally, I show that this approach to adjuncts naturally accounts for Adjunct Islands and Parasitic Gaps and is consistent with adjective ordering constraints. [NOTE: This is an updated version of a paper previously posted to LingBuzz (https://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/005281). The present paper bears a different title and makes a slightly different claim.]
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Reference: lingbuzz/005994
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Published in: To appear in Biolinguistics
keywords: theory, adjuncts, derivation, parasitic gaps, workspaces, syntax, syntax
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