A short history of Agree
Roberta D'Alessandro
April 2021

Agreement has come to occupy a central role in contemporary syntactic theory, it is what drives syntactic derivations. In the beginning of the generative enterprise, though, agreement was barely taken into account. In this vignette, I draw a short history of agreement, starting from the transformational era roughly until Agree (Chomsky 2000, 2001). This overview has the aim to show the different implementations of the basic intuitions on agreement over the years, and how Agree has developed to take the form we know today. It will be evident how different ideas that have been considered prominent in different periods have converged into the present model, and also that some concepts never changed. This is a 1st draft. Feedback on mistakes, omissions and anything you feel like telling me: very welcome!
Format: [ pdf ]
Reference: lingbuzz/005888
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Published in: 1st draft. submitted to the Cambridge Handbook of Minimalism
keywords: agree, agreement, phi features, minimalist program, government and binding, psr, syntax
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