Phrasal Spellout and Partial Overwrite: On an alternative to backtracking
Hagen Blix
March 2021

This paper explores branching vocabulary items as a possible alternative to backtracking in Nanosyntax. Such vocabulary items give rise to the possibility of partial overwrite. Initially, they spell out a node with two phrasal daughters. Subsequently, the right branch is interpreted by a new element, but the original item continues to spell out the left branch of such a derivation. The effects that branching vocabulary items give rise to thus mimic aspects of backtracking, but do not require undoing parts of the derivation. Comments welcome!
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Reference: lingbuzz/005793
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keywords: nanosyntax, phrasal spellout, backtracking, spellout-driven movement, partial overwrite, pointers, lexicalized tree structures, morphology, syntax
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