Keio-ICU LINC 2020: Abstract booklet
Shigeto Kawahara, Seunghun Lee
December 2020

The Keio-ICU LINC Series is an online colloquium series that we organized during the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate international communication between scholars in Asia and those in other parts of the world. Hoping that the contents of the lectures are useful as teaching/learning resources, all the lectures were recorded and made viewable on YouTube. This booklet lists the title and the abstract of—and YouTube link to—all the talks that were given in 2020. We hope to continue these online colloquium series in 2021. As of December 2020, four talks are already scheduled. For updates, please checkout our website at
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Published in: NA
keywords: phonetics, online colloquium series, syntax, phonology, semantics, morphology
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