Truthmaker-Based Content: Syntactic, Semantic, and Ontological Contexts
Friederike Moltmann
July 2021

This is the reply to the commentaries on 'Truthmaker Semantics for Natural Language: Attitude Verbs, Modals, and Intensional Transitive Verbs' (Theoretical Linguistics 46, 3-4, 159-200; the reply will appear in the subsequent volume.) In this (self-contained) reply I outline the views of my paper 'Truthmaker Semantics for Natural Language' and respond to the various points of critique the commentators raised. I outline an explicit syntactic analysis of attitude reports with clausal complements acting as predicates of attitudinal objets and propose a novel, compositional way of dealing with opacity within object-based truthmaker semantics.
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Published in: to appear in Theoretical Linguistics
keywords: propositional attitudes, opacity, modals, intensionality, situations; truthmaker semantics, semantics, syntax
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