A Wholesale Late Merger Approach to Clitic Doubling
Michael Diercks
November 2020

Clitic doubling (CD) has long been a syntactic puzzle. Recent approaches to CD such as Kramer (2014), Harizanov (2014), and Baker and Kramer (2016/2018) have been very successful, but they critically rely on a mechanism to Reduce full DPs to D heads in order to undergo cliticization (and operation which is otherwise unmotivated in the theory). This short squib argues that the need for Reduce is only apparent: we can explain properties of clitic doubling by appealing to some previously-unexplored predictions of Wholesale Late Merger, whereby the content of DP is late-merged into the base position of an object DP only after the object D head has moved and cliticized onto the verb. Comments and critiques are very welcome.
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keywords: wholesale late merger, clitics, clitic-doubling, syntax
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