Nipped in the bud: Failed sprouting in QUD not-at-issue content
Jason Overfelt
September 2020

Theories regarding the recoverability condition on ellipsis are usually built to recover an antecedent in one particular domain. The standard is to recover the antecedent from previously spoken material. A recent alternative requires recovering the antecedent from some salient, possibly implicit, question meaning in the discourse. This paper argues that ellipsis can in principle find an antecedent in either of these domains: previously spoken material or some implicit question meaning in the discourse (i.e., the Question-Under-Discussion; QUD). Coupled with the hypothesis that being anaphoric to the QUD is gated by QUD at-issueness, I provide an account for under-appreciated restrictions on sprouting. [Comments welcome].
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Reference: lingbuzz/005449
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Published in: Proceedings of the 56th Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society
keywords: ellipsis, recoverability, bare argument ellipsis, sprouting, semantics, syntax
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