Documenting Italo-Romance heritage languages in the Americas
Luigi Andriani, Jan Casalicchio, Francesco Maria Ciconte, Roberta D'Alessandro, Alberto Frasson, Brechje van Osch, Sorgini Luana, Silvia Terenghi
September 2020

This article describes the process of preparation and implementation of a data collection enterprise targeting Italo-Romance emigrant languages in North and South America (specifically: Argentina, Brazil, Canada and US). It provides an overview of the status of these heritage varieties nowadays, and presents a detailed description of the fieldwork preparation, as well as the preliminary results of our investigation. The article provides tips and possible solutions to all sorts of fieldwork-related problems, from bureaucratic issues to practicalities, from safety protocols to the best way to organize a questionnaire for elderly speakers each speaking a different variety. Questions and feedback very welcome!
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Reference: lingbuzz/005443
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Published in: to appear in Coler & Nevins, Linguistic contact with minoritized and diaspora languages of Europe
keywords: heritage languages, italo-romance, change in contact, italian disapora, fieldwork, syntax
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