Zur Negierbarkeit von epistemischen Modalen
Manfred Krifka
April 2020

This paper (in German and on German) investigates negation scoping over epistemic operators. It argues that epistemic operators can occur within the TP or outside of it, where epistemic adjectives occur inside, and epistemic adverbials outside. Epistemic operators outside the TP are not part of the communicated content but qualify the commitment of the speaker, and hence cannot be in the scope of negation. The paper proposes a layered syntactic structure with compositional interpretation in a dynamic semantic framework that allows to represent extra-propositional meaning.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005386
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Published in: Laura Neuhaus (ed.), Grammatik und Pragmatik der Negation im Deutschen
keywords: epistemic modals, speech acts, negation, german, sentence adverbials, assertion, semantics
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