Correlates of Nonconfigurationality
Claire Bowern
October 2005

Much work on nonconfigurationality has noted a number of correlations in the behavior of arguments and the Pronominal Argument Hypothesis (hereafter PAH). In this paper I discuss some implications for analyses of nonconfigurationality using data from the Australian language Bardi. I show that despite some enticing correlations in many languages which appear to support the PAH, data from Bardi poses problems for such an analysis. I argue instead that many of these correlations arise not from properties of nonconfigurationality, but from pronominal semantics, and are thus not relevant to the PAH. If my analysis is correct, many of the properties of polysynthetic languages which have been argued to be analyzed within a nonconfigurational framework would instead be due to other facts of the grammar.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005334
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Published in: Correlates of non-configurationality. NELS 36, UMass, Amherst
keywords: nonconfigurationaly, australian languages, pronouns, semantics, morphology, syntax
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