Not as you R: Adapting the French rhotic into Berber
Mohamed Lahrouchi
July 2020

This article examines the adaptation of the French rhotic in Berber. In loanwords borrowed from French, the uvular fricative is systematically interpreted as a coronal tap, despite the fact that Berber has phonemic /ʁ/ and /χ/. It is argued that this phenomenon is determined by phonological rather than phonetic factors. It is shown that Tashlhiyt Berber speakers, including monolinguals, are able to identify the French r as a sonorant, based on their native phonology, where many co-occurrence restrictions are analyzed in terms of sonority-sensitive dependency relations between the most sonorous segment and its neighboring segments.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005329
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Published in: Glossa: a journal of general linguistics
keywords: loanwords adaptation, berber, french, phonology-phonetics interface, phonology
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