On timing of ellipsis: Evidence from extra deletion processes
David Erschler
September 2020

In this paper, I introduce a hitherto undescribed ellipsis variety present in a number of head-final languages including Eastern Armenian, Digor and Iron Ossetic, and Turkish. The material deleted under this type of ellipsis demonstrably does not form a constituent. I show that this phenomenon cannot be analyzed as a series of constituent deletions. I propose that this ellipsis variety involves extra deletion of some material adjacent to a gapping site (specifically, a part of a DP or a PP) rather than mere deletion of a constituent. I proceed to argue that the existence of extra deletion necessarily implies that deletion must take place after linearization.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005248
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Published in: A draft version of a paper to appear in Lipták, Anikó & Güliz Güneş (eds.) The Derivational Timing of Ellipsis.
keywords: syntax, ellipsis, ellipsis varieties, spellout, linearization, gapping, morphology, syntax
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