Nominal Ellipsis in Mandarin
Kuan Tang
May 2020

In this paper, I discuss three types of Mandarin nominal ellipsis: D-Ellipsis, NP(N’)- Ellipsis, and N-Gapping. Mandarin D-Ellipsis have VPE analysis and NOC analysis two approaches. And Mandarin NP(N’)-Ellipsis can be divided into DE construction ellipsis and Classifiers construction ellipsis based on their different licensors. As for N-Gapping, Man- darin has three kinds: parallel constructions, multiple attributemodifier constructions, and comparative constructions. There are many similarities between Mandarin NPE and En- glish, at the same time, Mandarin classifiers and quantifiers NPE are quite different from English.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005214
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Published in: Presentation in 67th Studentische TagungSprachwissenschaft. Universität Bayreuth.(Comments welcome!)
keywords: mandarin nominal ellipsi; d-ellipsis; np(n’)-ellipsis; n-gapping, syntax
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