Direct and Dependent Valuation in Ndebele Light-Verb Constructions
Asia Pietraszko
June 2018

Aspectual verbs in Ndebele combine with either a participial or a subjunctive form of the lexical verb. I demonstrate that the choice of embedded morphology in this language correlates with whether the aspectual verb is lexical (selects subjunctive forms) or functional (selects participles). Such a distribution provides an argument for defining participial and subjunctive morphology configurationally, rather than as exponents of features such as [PART] and [SBJV]. In particular, I propose that subjunctive morphology is an exponent of a DEP(endency) feature, assigned to the verb in featurally deficient syntactic contexts. These contexts include selection of V by a featurally unspecified T (subjunctive clauses) or by a lexical aspectual verb.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005192
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Published in: Proceedings of WCCFL 35
keywords: infl-agreement, subjunctive mood, feature sharing, aspectual verbs, morphology, syntax
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