Velar Tap in Dàgáárè
Samuel Akinbo, Angsongna Alexander Angsongna , Ozburn Avery Ozburn, Murray Schellenberg, Douglas Pulleyblank
June 2018

Bodomo (1997) describes intervocalic velar [g] in Dàgáárè as fricative [ɣ]. With 42 tokens of intervocalic [g] from a native speaker of Dàgáárè, we investigated the acoustic and articulatory features of Dàgáárè intervocalic velar [g] using ultrasound images, waveforms, spectrograms, and palatogram. The results of the study suggest that Dàgáárè intervocalic [g] is not a fricative but a velar with strong taplike features, a previously unattested sound in natural language (Ladefoged 1990). Following from this, we conclude that Dàgáárè intervocalic velar [g] is not a fricative but a velar tap or a palatal tap which are both previously unattested sounds.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005110
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keywords: phonetics, velar, palatal, tap, fricative, dagaare, phonology
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