Review of Becoming Bilingual in School and Home in Tibetan Areas of China: Stories of Struggle, by YiXi LaMuCuo
Norbert Francis
March 2018

This book examines problems of Tibetan language learning and preservation covering the recent history of language contact with Chinese. Today, the large majority of school-age young people and young adults living in urban areas are bilingual. The interviews sample from informants who report on changes in educational and language policy from the early 1950s, the years of the Cultural Revolution, and subsequent administrations marking a period of relative opening. Despite official policy that allows for bilingual instruction, the future prospects of the Tibetan language are uncertain.
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Published in: China Review International, Vol. 25, No. 1, 2018, 48—53
keywords: tibetan, chinese, tibet, china, first language attrition, language contact, bilingualism, syntax
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