Syntactic Change in Contact - Romance
Roberta D'Alessandro
March 2020

Language change as a result of language contact is approached in many different ways, and with a number of different methodologies. This article provides an overview of the main approaches to syntactic change in contact, focusing on the Romance language group. Romance languages are widely documented, both synchronically and diachronically; they have been in extensive contact with other language families, both in bilingual contexts (like Spanish and Catalan) and in creolization contexts. Furthermore, they present sensible microvariation, which allows to control for change in single features. Given the breadth of studies targeting Romance in contact, this article only deals with a small number of phenomena, like pro-drop, Differential Object Marking, and deixis. The word limit is 8,500 so I really had to make a drastic selection, but please do let me know if I overlooked something/made errors/misinterpreted/... Any questions/comments: very welcome!
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Published in: to appear in Annual Review of Linguistics
keywords: syntax, change in contact, microcontact, null subjects, differential object marking, deixis, syntax
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