Directionality in syntax and morphology
Hubert Haider
January 2020

The particular position of the head in a phrase correlates with a wide range of syntactic properties. Mutually exclusive subsets of these properties characterize head-final (‘OV’), head-initial (‘VO’) or ‘freely positioning’ (‘third type’) languages. The linearization of the head is a function of a category-specific directionality value. The interaction of the parametric directionality property of lexical heads with the cross-linguistically invariant directionality property of phrases (right-branching) accounts for major syntactic differences between OV-, VO-, and T3 languages. Analogous effects are located in properties of morphological structuring.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004975
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Published in: 2015 In: Antonio Fábregas, Jaume Mateu, Mike Putnam eds. Contemporary linguistic parameters. London: Bloomsbury Academic. p. 73-97.
keywords: harmonic and disharmonic word order, head-intial, head final, epp, right-branching, morphology, syntax
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