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Kimura, Takayuki
new [pdf]Movement and Islands in Right Node Raising
Workneh, Desalegn
new [pdf]Verbal nouns in Amharic --part II
Haider, Hubert
freshly changed [pdf]Against severing the external argument from its verb
Kobayashi, Filipe Hisao
Rouillard, Vincent
new [pdf]High and low uniqueness in singular wh-interrogatives
Workneh, Desalegn
new [pdf]Verbal Nouns in Amharic, Part III
Workneh, Desalegn
new [pdf]The voice system of Amharic
Workneh, Desalegn
new [pdf]Grammatical aspect and agreement in Amharic: a brief overview
Workneh, Desalegn
new [pdf]Verbal Nouns in Amharic
Fritzsche, Robert
new [pdf]Ordering discontinuous phi-feature Agree: Verbal -s in North Eastern English
Keshet, Ezra
Medeiros, David
new [pdf]Imperatives Under Coordination
Sichel, Ivy
Toosarvandani, Maziar
new [pdf]The featural life of nominals
Keupdjio, Hermann
new [pdf]The syntax of A′-dependencies in Bamileke Medumba
Simonenko, Alexandra
Carlier, Anne
freshly changed [pdf]Semantic evolution of pre-nominal possessives: A comparative quantitative study of French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian
Lindemann, Luke
Bowern, Claire
new [pdf]Character Entropy in Modern and Historical Texts: Comparison Metrics for an Undeciphered Manuscript
Hein, Johannes
new [pdf]Subject encoding in Limbum
Fox, Danny
Katzir, Roni
new [pdf]Notes on iterated rationality models of scalar implicatures
Kouneli, Maria
Nie, Yining
new [pdf]Across-the-board tonal polarity in Kipsigis: Implications for the morphology-phonology interface
Kawahara, Shigeto
Shaw, Jason
Ishihara, Shinichiro
new [pdf]Assessing the prosodic licensing of wh-in-situ in Japanese: A computational-experimental approach
Hein, Johannes
freshly changed [pdf]Verb movement and the lack of verb-doubling VP-topicalization in Germanic
Mukherji, Nirmalangshu
freshly changed [pdf]On Sound-Meaning Correlation
Martin, Fabienne
Carvalho, Janayna
Alexiadou, Artemis
freshly changed [pdf]Predicates of personal taste and pancake sentences in Brazilian Portuguese and French
Moro, Andrea
Roberts, Ian
new [pdf]Unstable structure and Generalized Dynamic Antisymmetry.
Saab, Andrés
freshly changed [pdf]Deconstructing Voice. The syntax and semantics of u-syncretism in Spanish
Florio, Salvatore
Nicolas, David
new [pdf]Plurals and Mereology
Moro, Andrea
new [pdf]Inner speech: “Sound Representation in Higher Language Areas during Language Generation,”
Harb, Mustafa
Jarrah, Marwan
freshly changed [pdf]Thetical markers within sentence grammar: Evidence from the Arabic thetical marker ʕad
Haider, Hubert
freshly changed [pdf]Passivierte Verbalkomplexe - passivized verbal clusters
Mancini, Simona
Canal, Paolo
Chesi, Cristiano
new [pdf]The acceptability of person and number agreement/disagreement in Italian: an experimental study
Caplan, Spencer
Hafri, Alon
Trueswell, John
new [pdf]Now you hear me, later you don’t: The Immediacy of Linguistic Computation and the Representation of Speech
Belk, Zoë
Kahn, Lily
Szendroi, Kriszta
2020-10 [pdf]The Loshn Koydesh Component in Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish

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