A Variable-Force Variable-Flavor Attitude Verb in Koryak
Masa Mocnik, Rafael Abramovitz
November 2019

We enrich the typology of modal expressions with the attitude verb ivək from Koryak, which shows a wide range of flavors (doxastic, bouletic, assertive, directive) and is the first documented variable-force attitude verb. Variation in both domains goes against the universal that modal items can’t vary in both force and flavor (Nauze 2008). We use the existential-universal doxastic-assertive variation to argue against this generalization. For the bouletic flavor, we show that it is triggered by the material in the embedded clause; we propose a new technical way of composing the bouletic flavor at LF.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004907
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Published in: 22nd Amsterdam Colloquium Proceedings
keywords: attitude variable force flavor doxastic, semantics
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