A non-ellipsis-containing analysis of 'ellipsis-containing antecedents'
Yusuke Kubota
November 2019

This paper proposes an analysis of VP ellipsis with so-called 'ellipsis-containing antecedents'. The basic idea of the proposed analysis is that ellipsis with 'ellipsis-containing antecedents' is partial VP ellipsis followed by further ellipsis of the 'remnant', thus resulting in a surface string superficially identical to an ellipsis of one big VP. The analysis is cast in Hybrid Type-Logical Categorial Grammar (Hybrid TLCG), and it is shown that the independently motivated mechanisms for VP ellipsis/pseudogapping in Hybrid TLCG automatically predicts the 'ellipsis-containing antecedent' paradigm.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004900
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Published in: To appear in the Festschrift for Professor Takane Ito
keywords: vp ellipsis, sloppy ellipsis, deletion, lf, anaphora, categorial grammar, semantics, syntax
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