What is in a morpheme? Theoretical, experimental and computational approaches to the relation of meaning and form in morphology
Stela Manova, Harald Hammarström, Itamar Kastner, Yining Nie
June 2019

This collection contains the preprints for an upcoming special issue of Word Structure, 13(1), scheduled to appear in early 2020. The special issue aims to compare and contrast different approaches to the question of the morpheme and its place in morphology and is made up of an introduction by the editors (Manova, Hammarström, Kastner and Nie) and four articles. Taken together, these contributions allow us to further probe the question of how morphemes relate form and meaning in word structure.

The papers are:

Introduction to the special issue (the editors)

Effects of animacy on the processing of morphological Number: a cognitive inheritance? (Chiara Zanini, Rosa Rugani, Dunia Giomo, Francesca Peressotti and Francesca Franzon)

On morphemes and morphomes: exploring the distinction (Borja Herce)

From meaning to form and back in American Sign Language verbal classifier morphemes (Vanja de Lint)

Morphological causatives are Voice over Voice (Yining Nie)

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Published in: Word Structure 13(1)
keywords: special issue, morpheme, morphome, morphology
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