Metrical Grids and Generalized Tier Projection
Sophie Hao
October 2019

This paper formalizes metrical grid theory (MGT, Prince, 1983; Hayes, 1995) and studies its expressive power. I show that MGT analyses of a certain form can describe stress systems beyond the input tier-based input strictly local functions proposed by Hao and Andersson (2019), but conjecture that such analyses do not describe systems beyond the input tier-based strictly local languages of Baek (2018). These results reveal fundamental differences between the three formalisms.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004837
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Published in: Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics
keywords: subregular phonology, subregular, phonology, stress, tier-based strictly local, functions, transductions, metrical grid theory, abkhaz, unbounded stress, culminativity, mathematical linguistics, phonology
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