Presuppositional Exhaustification
Itai Bassi, Guillermo Del Pinal, Uli Sauerland
October 2019

Grammatical theories of Scalar Implicatures (SI) make use of an exhaustivity operator EXH, which asserts the conjunction of the prejacent with the negation of excludable alternatives. We present a new Grammatical theory of SI according to which EXH is replaced with P-EXH, an operator which asserts just its prejacent, and *presupposes* the negation of excludable alternatives. We show that this theory resolves a number of empirical challenges faced by the old formulation of EXH (as well as by non-grammatical, Gricean theories of SI). The empirical issues include oddness-inducing implicatures (Magri 2009), the behavior of SI under negation, and an old SI puzzle originally due to Chierchia 2004 (called here the "some-under-some" puzzle), which proves challenging for existing SI accounts.
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keywords: scalar implicatures, exhaustification, presuppositions, oddness, some-under-some, semantics
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