A more perfect unification: exploring a Nano-syntactic solution to Vietnamese đã
Nigel Duffield, Trang Phan
October 2019

In this paper, we provide a new analysis of the Negative Constraint in Vietnamese, whereby the anterior morpheme đã loses its perfect reading in negative contexts. The Nanosyntax approach adopted here is claimed to derive this constraint without the stipulations inherent in existing formal accounts (e.g., Trinh 2005; Duffield 2017; Phan & Duffield 2016, 2019).
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Reference: lingbuzz/004810
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Published in: In Duffield, Phan & Trinh (eds) Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Vietnamese Linguistics https://benjamins.com/catalog/slcs.211.04pha
keywords: nanosyntax, tense, aspect, negation, vietnamese, morphology, syntax
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