Long-distance dependencies in continuation grammar
Cara Su-Yi Leong, Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine
September 2019

We discuss the treatment of movement and variable binding across finite clause boundaries in the continuation-based grammar of Barker and Shan (2014) and related work. We propose extensions to the theory which make such dependencies compatible with a ban on cross-clausal scope-taking as implemented in Charlow (2014). We demonstrate, however, that this resulting grammar systematically makes incorrect predictions for weak crossover in sentences that combine long-distance movement and variable binding, thus undermining one of the major advantages of continuation-based grammars according to Shan and Barker (2006). We conclude with a critical outlook and a comparison to contemporary LF syntax approaches to scope-taking.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004799
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Published in: 2019. Proceedings of PACLIC 33, pages 114–122
keywords: barker & shan, continuations, ccg, scope, binding, movement, long-distance, semantics, syntax
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