Gender/number syncretism in Yelmek verbal suppletion
James Gray, Tina Gregor
September 2019

We examine patterns of syncretism in suppletive verbal stems in the Papuan language Yelmek. Yelmek verbs can supplete based on both the number and gender features of their objects; we discuss these in light of a prediction of gender/number syncretisms made in Kramer (2018), namely that if plural agreement morphology is syncretic with a particular singular gender, then it will be the default gender. Yelmek suppletion displays all syncretism patterns except this pattern; however we argue that this does not constitute a real counter-example to Kramer's prediction, as the syncretic gender appears to be unspecified, if not default.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004776
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Published in: Proceedings of GLOW in Asia XII and SICOGG XXI
keywords: gender, number, syncretism, default, suppletion, distributed morphology, *aba, morphology, syntax
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