Nominal Properties of vPs in Breton, A hypothesis for the typology of VSO languages
Melanie Jouitteau
January 2004

Celtic and Semitic languages show the following clustering of typological properties: (i) the Complementarity Principle in the verbal agreement system; (ii) licensing of a genitive dependent by a construct state; (iii) a verbal construction whose object bears genitive. The aim of this paper is to show how (i-iii) are derived in one of these languages taken as a case study. I will show that in the Breton language (Continental Celtic), the three properties mentioned above follow straightforwardly from one parameter: the interpretability of the [D] feature on v as represented in (1a), where v is a functional projection similar to D in a DP structure in (1b). (1) a. [vP Subject v [D- φ 3.SG ] [ VP ] ] b. [DP ….. D [ NP ] ]
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Reference: lingbuzz/004745
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Published in: Verb First: On the Syntax of Verb Initial Languages, Carnie, Andrew, Heidi Harley and Sheila Ann Dooley (eds.), xiv, 434 pp. (pp. 265–280). 2005.
keywords: morphology, syntax
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