Social meaning at the semantics-sociolinguistics interface
Ai Taniguchi
August 2019

This paper analyzes sociolinguistic variation from from a formal semantics/pragmatics perspective. Using tools from dynamic semantics, I provide a testable account of what impacts sociolinguistic variants have on the context, especially as compared to other kinds of non-at-issue meaning like presuppositions and expressives. I examine southern (U.S.) monphthongization (/aI/ --> [a:]) as a case study. I propose that social meaning can formally construed as a context change potential (CCP), specifically a CCP that imposes a restriction on both the input and the output context of the utterance. I argue that examining social meaning under a semantic perspective gives us vital insight into lexical competence and the typology of linguistic meaning.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004708
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Published in: Submitted to Linguistics and Philosophy
keywords: social meaning, sociolinguistic variation, dynamic semantics, formal pragmatics, context change potential, conventional implicature, non-at-issue meaning, semantics
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