Mapping Linguistic Data: Essays in honour of Liliane Haegeman
Metin Bağrıaçık, Anne Breitbarth, Karen De Clercq
July 2019

Liliane Haegeman’s oeuvre is characterised by the aim to advance syntactic theory based on strongly empirically informed research. A special interest of hers is the syntax and morphology of dialects, in particular (West) Flemish. At the same time, Liliane has worked together with an immense number of linguists on phenomena in an even larger number of languages. Her knack for puzzling data and rigid formal analysis have influenced the direction of research for many years. She has shaped (and continues to shape!) the field by her seminal work on verbal syntax, negation, adverbial clauses and main clause phenomena, and many generations of students have grown up on a healthy diet of several editions of the "Introduction to Government & Binding Theory" and, subsequently, "Thinking Syntactically". This WebFestschrift is presented to Liliane on the occasion of her 65th birthday and her retirement by her students, colleagues, and linguistic friends. []
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Published in: Ghent
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