Size matters: auxiliary formation in the morpho-syntax and morpho-phonology
Paula Fenger
July 2019

This paper investigates the limits on word formation by looking at periphrastic (V+aux) and agglutinating (V+suffix) verb patterns. I propose that creating syntactic words is limited by phase boundaries and that language variation comes from (i) whether Tense/Mood/Aspect elements can or cannot be part of the verbal phase and (ii) the availability of post-syntactic rebracketing, creating syntax-phonology mismatches. This is investigated on the case of Turkish and to some extent Japanese verbal morphology, by looking at phonological processes (i.e., stress assignment, pitch accent, vowel harmony) and syntactic processes (ie., coordination, movement).
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Reference: lingbuzz/004674
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Published in: to appear in proceedings of NELS 49
keywords: verbs, auxiliaries, syntax-phonology interface, phases, morphology, syntax, phonology
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