Parasitic Gaps and Concealed Pied-Piping in Russian
Tanya Bondarenko, Colin Davis
August 2021

[This paper will appear in Syntax with the title "Concealed Pied-Piping in Russian: On Left Branch Extraction, Parasitic Gaps, and Beyond"]. We use parasitic gaps as a basis for examining the nature of left branch extraction (LBE) from nominal phrases in Russian. We observe that the interpretation for a parasitic gap in a context with LBE is identical to the interpretation assigned when a noun phrase is moved in its entirety, rather than extracted from. We therefore argue that Russian LBE actually involves concealed pied-piping of the entire nominal phrase that the seemingly extracted constituent originates in. We go on to explore the consequences of this analysis for several other topics.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004597
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Published in: Accepted to Syntax
keywords: parasitic gaps, left branch extraction, sub-extraction, pied-piping, russian, semantics, syntax
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