The projection of co-speech sound effects
Robert Pasternak
March 2019

Much recent work has focused on the pragmatic contributions of "co-speech gestures", gestures aligned with spoken content. Such gestures show a particular, seemingly not-at-issue projection pattern, with various theories being proposed to account for this inference profile. A mostly unexplored question is which types of co-speech content generate this projection pattern. In this short squib, I provide evidence that co-speech sound effects can generate the same inference pattern, in spite of the fact that co-speech sound effects lack many of the notable features of their gestural counterparts. This suggests that the "gesture" projection pattern might actually encompass a much broader variety of co-speech content.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004520
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Published in: submitted
keywords: co-speech content, gestures, sound effects, projection, pragmatics, semantics
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