Rethinking ‘defective goal’: Clitics and noun incorporation
Marcel den Dikken, Éva Dékány
October 2017

In this paper we revisit Mithun’s (1984) classic typology of noun-incorporation (NI) constructions and offer an analysis for the various types of NI using Roberts’ (2010) notion of ‘defective goal’. We suggest that the cross-linguistic variation across NI types can be captured by three parameters: i) whether the host of the incorporated nominal element is V or v, ii) whether the incorporate is n or D with a referential index, and iii) whether the object is a ‘defective goal’ or not.
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Reference: lingbuzz/004511
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Published in: to appear, In: Bárány, András, Theresa Biberauer, Jamie Douglas and Sten Vikner (eds.). Nominal Architecture and Its Limits: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives.
keywords: noun incorporation, clitic, defective goal, head movement, syntax
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