Restructuring and the Scope of Negation in Hindi-Urdu
Vincent Homer, Rajesh Bhatt
June 2019

For a class of infinitival clauses in Hindi-Urdu, we find a puzzling state of affairs with negation: a negation which seems to be inside an infinitival complement has effects typical of a matrix negation, e.g. NPI licensing in the matrix. We show that restructuring infinitives (and only them) allow for verb movement out of them: the infinitival V moves into the matrix and forms a cluster with the main verb. This movement makes the negative marker appear to belong to the embedded clause, when in fact it is in the matrix, and behaves as a matrix negation (in terms of scope and other tests). We thus have a new criterion for restructuring in Hindi-Urdu, alongside Long Distance Agreement. The existence of these two criteria allows us to explore the diversity of restructuring complements in Hindi-Urdu and show that the optionality of Long Distance Agreement is not tied to the optionality of restructuring.
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keywords: restructuring, negation, hindi-urdu, neg-raising, head movement, agreement, semantics, syntax
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